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3 Easy Ways to Check the New or Used Cooling Compressor

Detecting New Compressor Or Used For Use

How to find a good compressor and worth using?

Compressor Cooling Ac, Fridge, Freezer, Chiller, Showcase broken and want to replace with a new compressor or Second, to replace it by buying must know the compressor worth using, because the new compressor is not necessarily good.

Knowing a good compressor before it is installed should be done so as not to lose time, effort and cost, let alone buy a new compressor.

If you buy a new compressor make sure first test directly at the store before it is brought home to be installed and welded.

Buying a new compressor if it turns out to be unsatisfactory will result in a loss, as it may not be returned "GOODS PURCHASED BY NOT REFUNDABLE".

To find out good / good a compressor you can do with testing allowed by the store or seller of the compressor in the following way:
Easy Ways to Check the New or Used Cooling Compressor
Measure resistance value / terminal resistance of CRS Compressor pin with ohm scale multitester (Ω).

Measure the CRS pin terminal (Common Running Starting) with body compressor, when contact occurs then the compressor is not feasible to use / bad and do not buy.

Check the pressure of the compressor by hand.

Turn on the compressor and then close it on the press (high press) by uncovering whether the pressure is high or not and the last one is closed while unplugging the power to the compressor, if it is off and still have the rest of the compressed air means the compressor is good and feasible to wear.

Check the suction compressor by hand.

Turn on the Compressor and open the lid on the suction pipe, whether the suction compressor is strong or not, then close and turn off the compressor by pulling out of the electricity, whether the hands are still sucked or not, if still inhaled means compressor nice and worth using.

Well how to check the new compressor | used, hopefully useful.

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