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How To Replace Compressor Refrigerator Freezer Showcase With Refrigrant System Damage

Compressor And Gas Freon (Refrigrant)

Fixing a refrigerator is quite easy, in theory the electrical system of refrigeration equipment such as refrigerator, freezer or showcase is almost the same, but to repair damage / replace Compressor and repair refrigrant system in theory is quite difficult without practice directly.

Here I will explain How To Replace Compressor Refrigerator Freezer Showcase With Refrigrant System Damage in order for my friend to learn and practice more easily.

When a refrigerator cooler when turned on is not heard the compressor engine but there is a click behind the possibility that the compressor engine does not turn on, the first thing to look at and check the capasitor if any. Sometimes the capasitor is off or weak can not push the motor coil on the compressor engine to fail the starting and overload click the halo to the engine compressor.

Checking PTC Relay is also required, because the function of this tool to connect the electrical current from the coil running and coil starting. When the PTC Relay is broken it will not be able to connect to the starting coil for the early round of motor compressor.

If the capasitor and PTC Relay are ascertained, the motor compressor will have a problem, check the CRS (Common Running Starting) motor compressor to determine exactly why the compressor engine can not operate, sometimes because the jam also causes the compressor not to operate.

If the compressor engine is better to replace with a new problem, because the compressor machine is not durable even if it has been repaired because it would have been flawed.

In replacing the compressor and refrigrant system requires the following tools and materials:

Tool fixing refrigrant system

1. Screwdriver plus (+) and minus screwdriver (-)
2. Large pliers, tang cucut, tang pieces, pliers clasps.
3. Tang Ampere / Clamp Meter
4. Cutter pipe
5. Flaring / swaging
6. Vacuum
7. Manifol
8. Las

Materials used;

1. Gas freon (refrigrant)
2. Oil
3. Silver copper and aluplatinum weld for evaporator welding
4. Pipe filling
5. Refrigrant gas filter

PIP cleaning materials:

1. Methyl
2. Tinner
3. R 11

Material or propeller for cleaning:

- Nitrogen
- Oxygen
- R 32

Tools and materials mentioned above that must be prepared before making the process of replacing Compressor or repair refrigrant system, caused by leakage or dead end.

For how to wipe your pipe butuk do the exercises, and require mentors to avoid unwanted, because it is related to fire.

How To Replace Compresor Refrigerator / Freezer / Showcase

Step before replacing the damaged Compressor, which is required to clean in the pipe (flusing pipe) of dirt, either crust or oil.

Step / how to flusing refrigrant pipes.

1. Remove all pipes to the Compressor with the weld and the end of the condenser pipe connected to the filter.

2. Connect condenser pipe (discharge) with gas filling pipe using welding, if pipe size is same, use swaging pipe to make bigger to form quasi.

3. Connect to the R11 tube and spray it until the end of the condenser comes out of the R11 liquid as you open the end cap. When using thiner or methil, pour the liquid into a condenser pipe then apply pressure with nitrogen / oxygen while opening the lid until it comes out in the form of steam.

4. Connect the filling pipe to the capillary pipe attached to the sieve, connect and flush with a cleanser as when cleaning the condenser, the difference is to insert the liquid bit by bit because it passes too small capillary tube. If the capillary pipe is difficult to pass the capillary pipe cleaner is replaced and only the evaporator pipe is cleaned (in flashing).

5. Flesing process is complete, reconnect all pipes along with the new Compressor, you should also replace the filter with a new one. We recommend that you check the oil before the compressor is installed.

How to charge freon gas (refrigrant) in freezer refrigerator or showcase

Steps in refueling (refueling) must be patient and slow, unlike in charging home air conditioners or car air conditioners, because the capillary pipe in the refrigerator, freezer or showcase is very small and the compressor can be heavy.

Step ways in the process of charging freon gas refrigerator / freezer or showcase

1. Conduct vacuum through vacuum filling pipe about half hour, close manifold and wait about half hour to see if manifold needle change up to position 0 or not, if fixed needle move then doing process of filling.

2. Attach the Clamp meter / amperage pliers to the cable to overload and rotate the Ampere position.

3. Fill the freon gas slowly until the pressure is at 40 psi, turn the refrigerator on and wait for the manifold needle until stabilized.

4. Add the freon gas bit by bit and then stop for a while and fill again slowly while sometimes seen on the evaporator whether there is already an even flower of ice to all evaporator. The gas content is normally about 10 psi. Check ampere in accordance with Compressor capacity.

5. When the flower is evenly distributed all evaporator and ampere is also good, then the last step by clamping the filling pipe with pliers flops, the position of the compressor stay alive so that the gas pressure is not too large. After the pipe is clamped so that the gas does not come out then cut the pipe after the pliers and clamped with weld.

So how to replace the freezer showcase refrigerator compressor, to fix leakage on the evaporator enough with sandpaper clean around the leaks of paint and oil, then weld using aluplatinum as aluminum welding material, to patch you can use green fuel glue.

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