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Code Error Washing Machine LG and It Solutions

Lg Error Code And Its Solutions, The era of modern era now has a washing machine is very reliable, because having a washing machine can help overcome the problem of dirty clothes and cloth to keep clean and fragrant free from germs and dirt.

Washing machines lighten our work is so dense and smooth in the drying process, our dirty clothes and fabrics can be washed and cleaned in a matter of hours or even minutes without disturbing the daily activities are so dense.

The washing machine is not a luxury item because everyone can buy with models that want to be in the interest, from model 2 tube and 1 automatic tube, but because its function is very important and used almost everyday to make washing machine become the must washing tool.

Having an Automatic washing machine is very helpful, live press the button, and left the activity or relax while watching TV finished.

But what happens when suddenly in the middle of the washing process there are alarm sounds that may be rare or even unheard of in the washing machine ..... oh sure must be confused ....

No need to confuse let alone panic, because the automatic washing machine has a sign of damage errors that we may be able to solve itself without the help of service engine washing technicians.

This time we will help you in overcoming your washing machine error suddenly, who knows, you can solve own problems of course without having to spend the cost of service, or may also be due to errors of the washing process.

REMEMBER.......!!!! you are not a technician, so not all you can do please remain cautious, but some of the error problems on the washing machine can be overcome without any risk to yourself.
Code Error Washing Machine LG and It Solutions


The picture above is IE error code, OE code error, EU code error, dE on automatic LG washer

LG Error Code IE (inlet error)

the cause of the problem of the emergence of this code is where the state of the incoming water is not smooth, can be due to less water pressure, pinched water hose or water filter on selenoid water inlet dirty. Try checking one by one on the flow source until the water filter.

LG Code Error OE (Outside Error)

the cause of the emergence of this error code due to the problem on the discharge of water, check the hose to throw whether the hose is clamped, if the hose is not problematic maybe because the dirty exhaust filter (specifically front loading type) clean. If the filter is clean, the damage to the pump drain is not working or damaged. Damage can happen because there is dirt or As pumpa damaged.

LG Code Error EU (Unbalance)

This error code appears because of the condition of excessive washing machine, can be due to uneven legs or washing machine state of tilt. If the state of the washing machine is good still error, maybe the shirt or pants of the situation twisted and gathered. Try to smooth out the location of the clothes.

LG Code Error DE (Door Error)

Appearance code error is because the door on the washer is less tightly closed, please try to close the right, when closing the door is correct and the meeting still appears error, the possibility of damage to the door switch or door sensor in the form of magnets that stick to the door dislodged.

The picture above is code error FE, code error PE, error code RE, E3 CHE SE on LG washing machine

LG Code Error FE (Flooding Error)

This code appears because the water pressure is too high, try to rotate the water faucet to reduce the pressure. If the problem persists there is a damaged thing, it could be at the water level.

LG Code Error PE (P / Error switch)

The emergence of this code because the pressure switch is damaged. Do not be forced to use before replacing.

LG Code Error RE (Relay Error)

The cable or part of the state is damaged.

LG Code Error E3 (Wash Error)

The laundry load is too heavy or the clothing condition clumps to one side.

LG Code Error CHE (Conecting Cable Heater Error)

The cable or socket of the loose cable does not connect, or it may be a hieter or hieter sensor broken / damaged.

LG Code Error SE (Sensor Motor Error)

Replace motor sensor or broken cable.

That's the code error on the LG washing machine that might help in overcoming the damage to the LG brand washers, if you can not afford it or can not try to fix it yourself, remember the damage can get worse if the estimate of the wrong damage can even threaten the safety of you. Contact a qualified technician when needed.

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