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Tips & Tricks For Durable Washing Machine

Washing work is often an enemy to mothers. For that, washing machine is considered as a friend who can ease this work.

Of course the washing machine also requires maintenance so as not to be damaged quickly. Would not that if the washing machine was damaged?

Mother would also be exposed to additional hassles? Damage to the washing machine can be due to the wrong use or lack of maintenance.

Here are some tips and tricks in using and maintaining your mother's washing machine.

Placement of Washing Machine

  • Make sure the location where you put the washing machine is not damp.
  • Make sure the surface of the washing machine is flat.
  • Ensure the ventilation of the washer is not closed to keep the washer temperature stable during work.
  • Make sure there is space on the back side and side of the washer, do not press the machine to the wall.
  • Avoid washing machines from direct sunlight.
  • Put the machine in a place far from where children play.

Use of Washing Machine

  • Use the amount of water and detergent in accordance with the instructions for use.
  • Avoid putting the laundry beyond the required capacity, as it may damage the engine drive motor.
  • Washing much less than engine capacity is also not recommended.
  • Avoid opening doors or inserting objects into the machine while the machine is working.
  • If the timer on the machine is still round, remember to always turn it to the right.
  • Do not spray water onto the control panel.

Washing Machine Treatment

  • Always clean the washing machine from detergent detergent, softener, or bleach with a soft cloth.
  • Clean the watered part regularly to avoid moss.
  • Clean the inside of the machine with chlorine-mixed detergent and turn on the machine until one round of washing is done.
  • Filter washing machines should be cleaned at least 1 times a week.
  • Always turn off the engine and unplug the charger after the machine is finished.

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