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How To Repair The Washing Machine Start Button Not Work | Broken

Discover The Other Button Substitute On The Samsung Washing Machine

How to overcome the damage to the washing machine samsung top loading start button not working?

On this occasion I will tell you how to handle the start button that does not work all of a sudden.

Maybe you are confused, why the start button when pushed no reaction whatsoever, when last used no problem at all.

Overcoming the washing machine start button does not work you can do for a while, and there is no guarantee that this way you can do continuously, should make improvements.

How to cope with the start button is not working and I happen to practice on the product washing machine samsung WA9074 type top loading / automatic top door.
How To Repair The Washing Machine Start Button Not Work Broken


Plug the washing machine's plug into electricity, without an electric washer can not live heheheeee


Click on 3 button ON / OFF + TURBO + TYPE KINNEY BUTTON Simultaneously.

Then the washing machine starts doing the first 3 turns and then the selenoid water valve opens and the water begins to enter the tube as the initial step of washing, rinsing and drying process.


Do the final step by pressing the ON / OFF button when the washing machine is finished and the sound of the song.

Why press the ON / OFF button?

By doing this, when the washing machine has finished will perform the process of washing back if not stopped.

How to use the direct drying process without using the start button?

Simply aja when the start button is not working can still do the process of drying (spin) directly without washing.

How to do the drying process without the start button.

Turn on the washing machine by pressing the ON / OFF button then do the way as above, when the washing machine starts to work, stop by push button on / off directly.

Press the ON / OFF button and the fabric type control button, the washing machine directly responds to drying, but the water remains in saving condition. For that you have to turn the water in by closing the water kra.

Easy is not, how to overcome the start button on the washing machine not working / damaged.

To fix it by jemper switch with j12, but it can also damage due to switch problematic.

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