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5 Practical Tips on Caring for Washing Machine

In order to stay durable and maximum useful life, of course all household devices need to be treated properly. Includes washing machine.

Does it require a special officer to clean the washing machine? Not always. Daily care can be done alone.

The trick is not difficult.
  1. Clean the drawer or place the detergent in the washing machine. It also includes a pouring softener or bleach. If necessary, remove the detergent drawer and clean it with a used toothbrush. These places have the potential as a place to grow bacteria and fungi so it must be diligently cleaned.
  2. Another place where bacteria come together is a filter or a sieve filter. Empty regularly and remove dirt accumulated in it.
  3. Clean the washing machine tube. The appearance of a clean-looking tube can be deceiving, because dirt and bacteria can hide in tiny cracks in the tube. The best way to clean the washing machine tubes is to let the washing machine work without any laundry in it. The hot water used will help clean the washing machine tube.
  4. To prevent odor on the washing machine, leave the washer door slightly open to let air circulate inside the tube. It also helps prevent bacterial growth.
  5. Use a good quality detergent. Residues from detergents or low quality softeners can be a source of fungus and odor on the washing machine.

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