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How To Safely Fix The Compressor Jamm / H0t

Repair refrigerator compressor | freezer | showcase jamm - What is the cause of compressor jam / fail start? The refrigerant refrigerant compressor is a refrigrant gas pumping device that serves to circulate the freon gas, transforms from the gas form and condenses in the condenser condenser chamber by compressing and subsequently changing the form to a high pressure liquid through a capillary tube.

The freon (refrigrant) gas flows into the capillary pipe at high pressure, because the capillary tube has a fairly large size according to its size, then the gas gas pressure is reduced and bursts into the evaporator pipe chamber.

The freon gas in the evaporator chamber and low pressure undergoes evaporation, ie the change in the form of a liquid evaporates into a gas.

The gas evaporating from the liquid evaporates to make the evaporator pipe chill cool, this is because the air / evaporator chamber is taken up by the evaporator heat.

For an example :
Gasoline / alc0h0l when dripped on the hands will feel cold, this is because the heat energy is taken by gasoline / alc0h0l by the change of liquid into steam.

The subsequent evaporated gas returns to the compressor engine.

From the work of the compressor is so heavy then the possibility of damage can occur.

Kinds of damage to the compressor machine

1. Wire coil fire / short.
2. Pressure decreases due to decreased rotation or due to piston ngeplos.
3. Compressor is stuck.

On this occasion I will explain why the compressor can get stuck? what causes the compressor to jam?

Cause Compressor Jamm

Here's what you might know about the cause of the damage.

Cause of occurrence;
Excessive heat (OVERLOAD) can occur due to compressor work is too heavy due to use with the burden of food, vegetables or too much beverage.
Closing the door is not tight or broken rubber door can result in compressor machine work too heavy because the cold air out and make the short life.
Laying the refrigerator too close to walls or other coincidental items causes the engine to heat up because the condenser can not dispose of heat energy perfectly, it will also interfere with the cooling process.

Impasse gas freon (refrigrant) which resulted in heavy machine work.

Gas leaks that cause continuous life because the temperature regulator (thermostat) does not break the current into the compressor engine.

Electricity Drop / Voltage Decreasing Unstable Can Cause Compressor Loss

Cause of occurrence;
Unstable power voltages can affect the compressor jam / ngejem, because it failed to start.

Water Incubation From Evaporator Pipe Leaks Becomes Causes of Broken Compressor Machine
Ice water that melts due to damage into the hole leakage is sucked into the compressor machine mixed with oil resulted in rust and caused congestion and short coil.
Before undertaking any hot and compressor compressor repair step, I suggest you should replace the new compressor, because there must be one that is defective / almost damaged, whether it is a coil, or pistons that have been scuffed or barite.

But because the price to buy a new compressor machine quite high, then I tell the solution to solve the damage to the compressor machine safely to be used for long.

How To Repair Compressor Jamm With Secure

In order to be reused for a long time, then you can try the following steps:

  1. Discard the oil inside the compressor through the suction pipe.
  2. Split the compressor in a circle under the welding of the manufacturer. To split the compressor not to break into, to split just to open the manufacturer's welding, I suggest to use a hacksaw for the first time to split the compressor. When experienced, so easy, fast and not tired can with grinding.
  3. Compressor that has been split will look like in the picture below
The freon (refrigrant) gas flows into the capillary pipe at high pressure, because the capillary tube has a fairly large size according to its size, then the gas gas pressure is reduced and bursts into the evaporator pipe chamber.
The step you need to do is to gradually turn on the arrow while pouring the oil little by little over the ash and piston, until it can move around smoothly.

Turn by hand, when it is not too heavy you can try by turning on the compressor and measuring the ampere with the compressor pressure, if all good conditions then install the compressor again as before.

Paste the compressor cover with electric weld tightly so that it does not leak at the time of gas contents of freon (refrigrant).

So how to fix the compressor refrigerator, freezer or showcase Jamm.

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