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Iron has become part of the human needs of today, because its usefulness that can tidy the clothes is very necessary, just imagine if in today there is no tool to tidy up the clothes in the form of irons may be our appearance will be less comfortable because the clothes we wear tangled irregularly.
Thus the existence of ready-made irons should be our priority, do not let the time we will use it turns out our iron is damaged.

Therefore, repair the damaged iron as soon as possible, if you are lazy to bring it to the service then there is no harm to repair your own electric iron at home, in addition to saving the cost will also increase our knowledge of the iron, without having to follow the course electronics actually to fix the iron it is not difficult as long as there is a strong will and free time then the problem on our iron can be overcome.

To help those of you who want to learn to repair an electric iron or for those of you who are confused how to fix an electric iron then below I describe some important points that are common factors to destroy electric irons at home.

Tools needed to fix an electric iron:

  • plus screwdriver and a minus screwdriver
  • combination pliers
  • special insulation for electrical wiring
  • AVO meter

How to fix an electric iron:

1. physically check the connecting cable from the start of the plug to the entry into the body of the iron, generally this part is often damaged, that is the disconnection of cable because of use, when using irons the position of the iron often change according to the will of the user so that unconscious connecting wires twisted, with wire wrapping the wire inside will break off bit by bit which will eventually break the wire in its entirety.

If the physical is fine then try measured using AVO meter, the way is by directing the pointer position on the AVO meter to RX1kohm, measure each connecting cable, if the avo needle pointing zero means the cable is still in good condition but if the needle at AVO meter still (not pointing to a specific number) means the measured cable is broken. replace the broken iron cord with the new one.

2. In addition to the connecting cable is often broken, the damage to the iron also often occurs on the cable terminals located in the heel of the iron is the part that connects the end of the connecting cable to the iron, open the iron bolt found on the back of the iron, precisely under the base of the connecting cable , then unplug the cover, there will be seen the end of the cable attached to the terminal which is tightened by the bolt, this part is sometimes damaged the release of the cable from the bolt due to the movement of the iron or because rust, when the cable released then attach again at the proper place.

4. Another part that may be damaged is the connecting terminal in the iron, the bolt attached to both ends of the heating element, the way to check is to open the whole body of the iron, that is by opening all the bolts on the outside of the iron, starting from the behind the iron to disconnect the connecting cable, followed by removing the screw below the temperature control knob but before that the button should be removed first so that the bolts underneath are visible. when the bolt under the button is visible then the bolt can be removed using a screwdriver so that the upper ironing body can be removed, with the release of the top of the iron body it will look contents in the iron, note the two ends of the heating element whether mounted either on the bolt terminal or not, sometimes due to rust then this part can be broken so to justify it must be connected with additional metal.

5. The last most frequently damaged part is the heating element / filament inside the iron, to find out the opening of the body as shown in point4, then remove the connecting connectors at both ends of the heating element, measure the elements by attaching the two ends of the avo gauge to each of them, if the avo needle points to below 3 means the heating element is still in good condition but if the needle on the AVO meter is still (not indicating a certain number) it means the heating element is broken. replace the broken heater element with the same shape, bring a broken iron element where you buy new elements because there are many different brands, shapes and sizes, so that if the purchased element differs slightly from the original it will not be installed because of the holder element is fitted with its element.

6. To open the broken iron element the way is by gouging it through a minus screwdriver carefully and patiently, because the iron element has been attached in such a way by the changing temperature that resulted in the adhesive power between the element body and the iron base together firmly so to open it required our sincerity tirelessly.

So a little review of the simple way to fix an electric iron, the above ways are a global picture of how to fix an electric iron.