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10 Causes and Effective Ways to Fix a Printer that Can't Print

Computers have input and output devices. The input device is usually to give commands or instructions while the output device is the result of the command.

One of the output devices that is often used is a printer. This is because the use of printers is so essential in this day and age.

The printer serves to print the results of documents that are on the computer. The printout of this document can be in the form of text, images and even photos. It's the same with other electronic devices. The printer may have problems. The problem is like not being able to do the printing process.

If you are a person who often uses printers then it is very necessary to read this article. So that when your printer has problems like this it can be resolved quickly and precisely without having to spend a penny.


Here are the causes and effective ways to deal with a printer that cannot print. 

Here are 10 causes and effective ways to fix a printer that can't print.

Printer Not Turned On

The first cause of the printer not being able to print is the printer has not been turned on. So it's only natural that the printing process can't be done. You have to press the power button for the printer to turn on.

Printer Connecting Cable with Computer not Connected properly

So that the computer can give commands to the printer used, a connecting cable is needed. Well if this cable is not connected properly then the command from the computer will not be well received by the printer.

Make sure that this cable is properly connected. The sign that the printer is connected is when you print, under the brand of the printer you are using, there is a ready message.

If using a network then make sure the internet connection is good and has made the appropriate settings.

Printer Cable to Power Source Not Connected As It Should

The printer requires a power source to carry out the printing process. This power supply is obtained using a cable.

If your printer does not work, first make sure that the printer cable connected to the power source is appropriate.

Printer Driver Not Installed or Having Problem

Printers are one of the output devices that require a drive like other applications. One printer drive is not the same as the other.

The drive varies depending on the brand of the printer. make sure that you have installed the printer drive you are using.

There is an Error in Printer Settings

One of the causes of the printer not being able to print is that there is an error in the printer settings itself.

Or if you are wrong in the settings and confused about having to do the right way. Then you can return the printer to default mode.

Cartridge Has Problems or even Damage Rus

The next cause of the printer not being able to print is the cartridge that is not installed properly or the cartridge is damaged.

Then the way that can be done is to reinstall the cartridge until it is in the correct position.

If the cartridge is damaged then the cartridge must be replaced with a new one.

Insufficient Data Storage Capacity on the Computer

Computers have data storage. If this data storage has reached the limit or is insufficient it will affect the printing process.

The printing process cannot run smoothly. You can delete some data or files on your computer.

Too Much or Thick Paper Used

If you are doing the printing process, pay attention to the amount and thickness of the paper that will be used. Too much and too thick paper used can make the printing process unsuccessful. You can pay in installments the amount you want to print.

Paper Jam

The printer cannot print if there is a paper jam. Paper jam occurs due to paper or other objects stuck in the printer.

The way that can be done is to remove paper or other objects that are stuck in the printer.

Printer Paper Puller Roll Damage

Damage to the printer's paper pick-up roll causes the printing process to be impossible.
If the paper-pulling roll cannot do its job of pulling the paper, then you have to replace it with a new paper-pulling roll.

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