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How to Fix Damage to a Canon Pixma E410 Printer | All blinks Codes

Canon Pixma Type E410 Printer products are widely used at home and in the office, as being one of the all-in-one printers is easy and convenient.

For its use when after some time the use of ink in the catridge is thinning, and on the screen when it will print out a low ink warning or code 1700.

There is no OK button to continue, and one of the light indicators flashes 8 times so the paper won't come out of the paper.

Problems that occur above, such as the indicator lights flashing 8 times this time, usually after filling ink canon printer E410 is complete and we will do the print test results.

Please note, filling the ink catdridge 2 or 3 times for the print results will be maximal again such as broken prints even uneven printing ink, thus the print results that we can not as expected.

Here's what we experienced during a manual reset by utilizing the buttons on the printer:

  • Turn off the printer by not unplugging the power (electric) cable
  • Press the STOP button and hold it down, don't release it, then press the Power button to turn on the printer and then release the STOP button
  • Press the STOP button 5 times, when you press it 5 times, you also release the STOP and Power buttons together. If there is no STOP button use the Resume button
  • Leave it for a moment, then turn off the printer, let it sit for a moment and then turn it back on
  • Do a deep cleaning. Done


  • Blink is still on and the screen still shows a warning
  • The printer is on and flashing, press the Stop color button for about 5 seconds.
  • Wait until the information on the screen indicates that the printer is ready to use, even though the printer is still blinking and is still able to print.

How to Solve ERROR 5B00 on Canon E400 or E410

This is what may cause many fans in many circles, among the features above, this time I will share How to Overcome ERROR 5B00 on Canon E400 or E410, this error is marked with an error message 5B00.

How to Fix Damage to a Canon Pixma E410 Printer

This error is caused by the full ic counter or IC EEPROM, for this printer series we cannot reset it with serial tool software in general.

Here's how to fix it by replacing the EEPROM IC with a new one and the same series, for its location can be seen in the image below:

How to Fix Damage to a Canon Pixma E410 Printer

For installation, pay attention to the black dot in the corner of the IC, here I mark it with a red dot in the top left corner of the ic. after installation pay attention to the IC legs, make sure they are installed correctly and are not connected to other IC legs so they don't short.

For damage or errors on the Pixma E410 printer, it is usually marked with a blinking alarm light or an alternately flashing on (Power Light) light.

Here we will share about the damage and causes of damage to the pixma E410 printer one by one:

Blinks Cause of Damage Code
2 winks Printer is out of paper Code 1000
3 winks Cover opens while printing is in progress Code 1203
  Paper Jam Code 1300
4 winks FINE cartridge not installed properly Code 1687
5 winks FINE cartridge not installed Code 1401
6 winks FINE cartridge cannot be recognized Code 1403
7 winks The correct ink cartridge is not installed Code 1485
8 winks The ink absorber is almost full Code 1700
9 winks Protective material for the FINE cartridge or tape still attached Code 1890
13 winks The Ink Has Run Out Code 1686
14 winks Ink Cartridge cannot be recognized Code 1684
15 winks Fine Cartridge Unrecognizable Code 1682
16 winks The ink has run out Code 1688

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