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My iPhone's Home Button Doesn't Work

Home iPhone Button Doesn't Work - When the gadget we have only has one Home iPhone button (main), then of course it can make us troublesome if the button is stuck or damaged, or even does not work at all.

For example, on iPhone products, where the Home button under the screen is very vulnerable to damage.

My iPhone's Home Button Doesn't Work
Perhaps some users regret why the average iPhone design is easily damaged like that. But now it is no longer a meaningful issue.

Some of the guidelines below can be tried to solve the problem that appears on the iPhone Home button.

For those of you whose iPhone device is still fine, some of these ways can also be applied so that your iPhone Home button remains durable and not easily damaged.

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Here's how to calibrate the Home button:

  1. Run any application, hold down the Power button until "Slide To Power Off" appears, and just leave the writing.
  2. Then, release the Power button.
  3. After that, press the Home button slowly and don't get too hard. Hold until you return to the home screen. Do not remove until successful.
  4. Then try to press the Home button again, is there any difference?

Do the steps above if your Home button has started to jam.

However, if the above method does not work or the Home button is still stuck, then most likely the Home button on your iPhone is indeed damaged.

2. Set up iPhone Connector

Do you know? The length of use on the iPhone can also interfere with the function of the Home button. This iphone problem can also be caused by charger connectors that are often installed and unplugged with a long interval.

As a result, the connector is most likely that the Home button will shift or tilt.

To repair the Home button malfunction, simply attach the connector to the iPhone, then gently press the connector up.

This method can force the Home button to go upstairs, until it can function normally again.

3. iPhone Service Center

If the above methods cannot solve the problem, we recommend that you check your iPhone to the iPhone service center.

Then make an appointment in advance if you really want to come directly to the iPhone service center.

The advantage of coming to the store directly is, you can ask directly to the technician to find out the condition of the battery and alternative solutions.

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