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Why iPhone Can't Connect WiFi

Iphone cannot connect to wifi - Confused why the iPhone suddenly can't connect WiFi? Even though you are sure that the password is correct, I have tried to re-enter the password over and over again. But still don't want to connect. If you have a problem like this, then in this article I will explain what the cause is, and also the solution that is certainly 100% successful 🙂

Are you ready? Let's get started!

The reason is that iPhone Can't Connect WiFi

Let's start with the cause first.

Based on our experience as an iPhone service specialist and also iPad service, There are 2 causes of the iPhone not being able to connect to wifi, namely:

  1. Error or error in software/iOS
  2. Problem with hardware (will be explained later)

For problem number 1, usually it's due to an error in the configuration or settings of your iPhone.

This could be due to,

because you accidentally and unknowingly tampered with settings on your iPhone without you knowing it.

And maybe also…

…this setting change is caused by certain applications related to the internet network. And fortunately the solution to problem number 1 is quite easy, and it has been proven to be 100% successful (will be explained later below).

Meanwhile, if the problem is in the hardware as in number 2, then the solution to problem number 1 will not work, therefore you need to try first the tips and solutions below.

because……if the problem is in the hardware, then the only solution is to replace the problematic hardware. Well now we know what the cause is, let's now discuss the solution.

iPhone Can't Connect WiFi Solution

Solutions on how to solve iPhone can not connect WiFi:

  1. Make sure your iPhone is close to the WiFi router
  2. Tap "Settings" and then select "General" scroll slightly down until you find the "Reset" option please select the "Reset" option then select "Reset Network Settings"
  3. Restart your iPhone
  4. Please try reconnecting to your WiFi
  5. Re-enter your WiFi password if you are asked for a password
  6. Done, it worked, right?
Please see the screenshot below as a reference:

Why iPhone Can't Connect WiFi

Open settings > general

Why iPhone Can't Connect WiFi

 Scroll down then select reset

Why iPhone Can't Connect WiFi

 Tap reset network settings

It's pretty easy, right? By following the tips above, Of course your iPhone has now successfully connected to your WiFi network without any problems.

Then what if you have tried the tips above but the iPhone still cannot connect to WiFi?

If your iPhone still can't connect to WiFi, Then most likely the problem is in the hardware.

For that...

... It is necessary to analyze and observe first.

And to make the observations more accurate, I recommend contacting  iPad Repair Service, which is the services of iPhone service specialists and also iPad services.

Once you know where the iphone problem lies, Then you can make the next decision.

iPhone I Can Connect WiFi But The Signal Is Weak

If your iPhone can connect to WiFi without any problems, but the signal is weak and the radius is very short, then fix the problem is in your hardware.

Or rather it's on your iPhone's WiFi antenna.

In the official Apple forum, there are also those who ask the exact same thing,

And the answer is the same,

that is where the problem is on your iPhone's WiFi antenna.

Want to know how much the estimated cost of repairing an iPhone WiFi antenna?

please check the iPhone WiFi antenna service page for all iPhone series (complete with estimated price).

I Can't Connect to WiFi Because WiFi Option Can't Be Shifted Gray

The answer is more or less the same as above, This is due to damage to the hardware on your iPhone.

Please learn about our article in detail about the reasons why iPhone WiFi does not work in gray and cannot be shifted.

Or if you are interested, You can also directly check the iPhone service page of the WiFi option greyed out.


Do you now know why the iPhone can't connect WiFi?

it turns out that this is due to an error in your iPhone settings,

It could also be due to hardware problems.

By trying the tips above,

it should be now that your iPhone can be connected without any problems.

Have you tried the tips above?

successful or unsuccessful?

please share your experience (or please ask) in the comments section below. 🙂

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