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Iphone camera not work? Try 5 Easy Steps to Overcome iPhone Camera That Doesn't Work

Iphone camera not work - As we know, the iPhone is a smart phone that is equipped with high technology and rich in innovation, both in terms of hardware and software.

Even so, it does not necessarily make the iPhone resistant to all forms of damage. Sometimes there are problems that arise on the iPhone. For example, the iPhone camera that suddenly does not work.

Of course, this is very disturbing, because the camera is indeed one of the most important features that are often used on the iPhone.

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Iphone camera not work?

Well, if your iPhone camera doesn't work, Apple offers some suggestions to solve this iphone problem.

Here's how:

1. Resolve iphone Camera Issues with Restrictions Verification

First, it is to verify that you have not turned on "Restrictions", which is one of the features of iOS to restrict third-party access to certain features in iOS.

Here, you can find "Restrictions" on the Settings menu > General > Restrictions.

Also make sure that your camera option is set to ON. You can also tap Disable Restrictions.

2. Update iOS Software and Restore iPhone Through iTunes

The second recommended way of repairing is to update the iOS software and restore the iPhone through iTunes.

However, if you choose this second step, don't forget to choose the option to set the device as a new iPhone. So that the iPhone settings become "Default".

And remember, back-up your data before doing this second way like music, movies, and more, before the apps on your iPhone will be deleted.

3. Remove Case, Sticker, or Other Accessories

Furthermore, if the above methods do not work, maybe you can still do the following steps, namely removing the case, stickers, or other accessories.

Why? Because the case or sticker can block the camera or Flash and also affect the performance of the camera.

Metal or magnetic camera casings or accessories can also interfere with optical stabilization.

Test the camera without all of these enhancements to find out if that's the source of the cause.

If you still have problems focusing on the camera, you can contact Apple Support.

4. Cleaning the Camera Lens

If your photo is blurry, out of focus, or spots, make sure your camera lens is clean. If necessary, you can clean the lens using a microfiber cloth.

If there is dust or dirt on the inside of the lens, or the camera lens appears to be misaligned or obstructed, then you can take your device to the Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider for further assistance.

5. Restart and Test With Different Apps

If you see a closed lens or black screen when you open the Camera App, then restart the device.

Next, test your camera using the Camera App and other Apps that use the camera.

If your device is equipped with a front camera and a rear camera, then check if the two are not responding or just one of them.

To switch cameras, tap the button in the lower right corner of the screen, as below screenshot shown.

If the camera on your iPhone is still not working, maybe you should take your iPhone to the iPhone service store for repair or repair of the iPhone camera.

Never try to repair or modify your own iPhone. Repairs should only be made by the service provider.

Make an appointment in advance if you really want to come directly to the iPhone service store.

The advantage of coming to the store directly is, you can ask directly to the technician to find out the condition of your iPhone and alternative solutions.

In addition to the above solutions, you can also exchange your iPhone to the Apple store to be replaced with a new one. But with a note of course, you still have a valid warranty claim.

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