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3 Steps How to Fix TV Black Screen - Fixed!

How to Fix TV Black Screen - One of the problems or damage to LCD TVs, as well as LED TVs is black screen LCD TVs, but the sound is there.

Usually, the cause and way the repair process is different, depending on the brand of television. Although in general it does not differ much or almost the same. So for the analysis and also checking more or less the same.

How to Fix TV Black Screen


Causes of LCD TVs Black Screen but Sound There

Above, it has been mentioned a little that the damage to the black screen LCD TV, the sound is there, not only there is a problem with the backlight, but there are several other parts that can cause problems like this. Here are some of those reasons.

1. Backlight Lights Off

How to Fix TV Black Screen-Backlight-off
Backlight Lights Off

Backlight is a component that is quite vulnerable or often damaged. Behind the LCD TV screen are installed several lights whose function is to give light to the panel so that the image is visible.

If one of the lights goes out, then everything will not turn on. And make the screen black. Even so, this part is quite easy to repair, it is enough to replace it with a new one.

2. Loose LVDS Cable Connector

How to Fix TV Black Screen Loose LVDS Cable Connector
Loose LVDS Cable Connector

This cable is a cable that connects the Tcon unit to the motherboarad unit. This cable can be dislodged for various reasons, so if this LVDS cable comes off or is not installed properly it can also cause damage problems like this.

3. IC in Tcon Short Module Section

IC in Tcon Short Module Section IC-Tcon-short

IC that is short or less than its normal value can also cause damage problems like this.

4. Block Tcon Less Power

The supply voltage that should be for the Tcon block is 12 volts, if it is less than that it can also cause problems like this.

5. Fuse SMD Tcon Broken

If the SMD Tcon fuse is damaged or the fuse near the LVDS connector is blown it can also cause a malfunction problem like this.

6. Soldering Contact

With the length of use and also over time, the soldering part can oxidize, especially on old TVs, including LCD and LED TVs.

7. Software crash

It should be noted that the damage to a television set is not only in the hardware, but also in the software or software. Where problematic software can also cause damage problems like this, namely the dark screen LCD TV, the sound is there.

Those are some of the causes that can cause LCD and LED TVs to experience problems, dark picture damage but normal sound.

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Analysis Steps Before the Repair Fix TV Black Screen Process

Here are the steps of analysis that can be done to determine the cause of the actual damage problem:

  • First take a measurement of the power supplay voltage leading to Tcon, normalny 12 volts.
  • Next after all the normal measured voltage, take a voltage measurement that goes to the output of the LCD or LED driver. If it is still in a normal state then continue to check the backlight.
  • But if the voltage is not there, continue the voltage measurement before entering the IC. If the incoming voltage exists but the exit is not measurable or absent, replace its IC.
  • The voltage will be measured at about 50 volts after the IC is replaced.
  • Also make sure other possibilities, such as PCB conditions, connections, and other things that can cause the screen to darken.

How to Fix LCD TV Black Screen Sound There

In general, actually damage to the LCD TV dark screen sound there or dark images of normal sound, which often occurs the cause is only three. Although it does not rule out the possibility of other causes. The three are:

  1. Because the Baacklight lights are off
  2. Due to IC damage in the Tcon module
  3. Due to software damage

Below is an explanation of how to repair a dark screen LCD TV sound there that can be shared based on the cause of the damage.

1. Fix TV Black Screen Because the Blacklight is off

Before checking, you should first check the DC voltage to supply the LCD or LED panels. On Samsung brand tv, usually the supply voltage will be generated by the Boost converter which produces a DC voltage of 135 volts, where the function of this boost converter is to increase the voltage to a higher level.

The voltage of 135 volts is to supply approximately 45 backlight led lamps which are arranged in series. That's why if one LED goes out, all the lights go out.

Use an AVO meter to measure the 135 volt voltage, you can use a manual or digital one through the two electrodes of the eco filter, the value is C9801 (22uf/250V). Before taking measurements, set the AVO meter to DCV250.

If the measured voltage shows a number or value of about 230 Volts, it means that the led light circuit has been damaged, because such a large value can be measured because the voltage released by the Buck converter is unencumbered.

If it is certain that the LED is the problem, then we can start the process of dismantling the TV. Do it carefully in disassembling, not to damage the panel because a damaged panel will be difficult to repair or even irreparable.

Damaged panels can only be replaced with new ones which are not cheap. Please note the location of the led lights are behind the panel. If it has been disassembled, the panel will look like the picture above. Then check the led lights one by one until you find a dead or short light.

If you find a dead lamp, remove the lamp and replace it with a new one. To replace the backlight, you don't have to replace it as a set directly, just replace the dead one with a note that it is replaced with the same type and size.

If you've got a replacement, do a test first whether the light is on or not before installing it. At the time of testing, pay attention to the other lights as well whether there are dim ones. If there is one, it is better to replace all the lamps, because it is possible that the lamp will soon die.

2. Fix TV Black Screen Because the IC in the Tcon Module section is damaged

Damage to the LCD TV with a dark screen, the sound can also be caused by a problem with the IC or a short IC. Can be checked by touching the IC which is located near the Tcon module.

If the IC has a problem, it will feel hot and even very hot when we touch it. If it is confirmed that the IC is the problem, we can replace it with a new one. Of course the replacement must match and also have the same type.

3. Fix TV Black Screen Due to Software Fault

Please note that the damage to a television device is not only in the hardware section, but also in the software section. Problematic software or software can also cause crash problems like this.

To solve a problem like this, namely damage to the software, it can be done by flashing the TV using the new firmware that matches the type of TV. Because every brand and type of tv has a different type of software.

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