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Fixhoow is a personal blog that I build based on my personal experience of Repair and maintenance of equipment that we use in everyday life.

This I created with the aim to help others not always panic about the situation of equipment damage at home and not always use repair services because it can fix it yourself.

Because we know, the equipment may be very important to us and can get damaged whenever and wherever, so knowledge of the equipment at home and how to fix it, we must master it.

In Fixhoow, I present some information on how to repair the equipment at home, using tools and materials available at home, so that in an emergency, repairs can be done quickly.

I, the Hometrit Admin, recognize that in writing every article is still lacking, therefore, I am personally very open to suggestions and suggestions to me so that the articles I make can be better.

Please contact me via the contact form provided, and I will reply to the message you send as soon as possible.