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Are Washing Hoses Can Be Replaced with Ordinary Hoses?

Washing machines are Mother's main weapons to keep the family's clothes clean and scented every day. Of course, how to use the correct washing machine is important to note in order to keep the washer durable and durable.

However, repeated use of washing machines for long periods of time will make the components inside the washing machine eventually damaged.

One of the components on the washer's most frequently damaged part is a leaky washing machine hose.

Then, how the right solution to overcome this with practical and fast? There are other alternatives you can use to deal with leaks or damage to your mother's washing machine hose, by using a normal rubber hose.

However, make sure the size of the diameter and length of the hose used are in accordance with your washing machine needs.

Also prepare a rope made of stainless steel fasteners that are useful to grip the ends of the hose to avoid leakage.

Typically, some household appliance stores sell these holdings separately from the washer hose.

Replacing the washer hose by using a regular hose will certainly cost less. Moreover, the washer hose is the most commonly damaged part.

However, the use of an ordinary rubber hose to replace the washing machine hose is not recommended, since rubber materials are often unable to withstand hot water with continuous flow.

Should select a hose with a stainless steel material to be more durable to use. Rubber hose can be used as a temporary replacement if you have not got the hose that should be.

To prevent the washing machine hoses from leaking again, you should not burden the washer with a capacity exceeding the limit recommended by the instruction book.

In addition, it would be better if the washing machine is not used for a day over and over again.
Use the washing machine as necessary, maximum 1 to 2 times washing in a day.

The position of the washing machine laying is also important to keep the washer durable.

Read the instructions for use and what things should be considered in the manual given on how to use the washing machine before operating it.

Choose detergents that match the type of washing machine as well as clothes to be washed.

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