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Here's How to Overcome the Odor Water Dispenser

Mineral water dispensers are one of the practical means of drinking water use. By holding a dispenser, then we no longer need to bother to cook water for drinking water needs. Not only cold water, the dispenser also provides hot water for our needs when making a tea or coffee drink.

But our drinking tastes will disappear if the water we will drink from the dispenser smells bad. There are several kinds of odors arising from this water dispenser, such as the smell of plastic, the smell of mold, to the smell of fishy. For more details let us open one by one of the three types of odor.

1. The smell of plastic

Plastic odor in ordinary dispensers is rare because the plastic material on the dispenser is made of a material that does not emit a typical plastic odor. But there may be some manufacturers with certain brands still use materials that can still emit the typical smell of plastic.

In fact, the plastic odor on the dispenbser can disappear by itself in a few days by removing the dispenser from its carton, then let it sit in the open air with good air circulation, and do not use it first. Let a few days, In Sya Allah plastic smell will disappear by itself.

But for those of you who do not want to wait long can try these tips. Combine hot water and lemon juice / lemon dish soap. Then use a clean sponge by rubbing on the inside of the neck dispenser, then flush the remaining water into the neck dispenser. Let stand a moment. Flush with cold water and clean.

2. Smell of Mushroom

As time goes on, the dispenser can odor. This can be caused by fungus, to overcome the smell of this fungus try using vinegar as a remover of odor in your dispenser container.
Way, mix a little vinegar with water. Pour the mixture both into the neck dispenser. Let stand for a night and rinse with clean water the next day, leave to dry. in addition to vinegar, you can also use Alcohol 70%.

Pour alk0h0l 70% on the wall and bottom of container of water container, There are some types of plastic that is not resistant to alk0h0l, then apply a little alk0h0l first to test whether not to damage the plastic layer, if no reaction then the disinfecting process can proceed, the next stage is wash hamakan funnel from fungi and bacteria by wetting it with alk0h0l 70%, after dry it can be re-installed on the dispenser.
Here's How to Overcome the Odor Water Dispenser

Dispose of 4lk0h0l water in the drain hose by opening the plug at the bottom or back of the dispenser, then when it is finished plug it back.

while waiting for the liquid to evaporate from the dispenser clean the exterior of the dispenser starting from the body, faucet, and water drip container under the tap, wipe with a damp sponge then dry with a soft cloth that has high absorption.

After the alk0h0l evaporates and the whole section becomes dry then a new bottle containing airpun can be mounted on the dispenser.

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