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How To Fix Mineral Water Dispenser

Currently many people choose electronic devices that can help alleviate the work at home, one of them is with mineral water dispenser, in the presence of this tool then we no longer need to boil water to drink, there is even a dispenser that can heat water whose temperature can reach the boiling point which approaches the boiling point of boiling water in a fire and some can cool the water to a temperature near the temperature in the refrigerator.

To get the ease and benefits of this tool then we simply have a dispensernya tool along with a new mineral water bottle large then airpun can be enjoyed directly darin tap, with a choice of heat, medium, or cold.

With the passage of time then the dispenser we have for a long time will suffer damage including: 

Faucet: water does not come out of the tap even though the tap lever has been opened, the water coming out of the faucet slightly, the water coming out of the faucet can not be stopped even though the lever of the faucet in the lid position, the tap lever is broken.

Body dispenser: Outflow of water from below dispenser, discharge of water from neck dispenser.

How to fix Mineral Water Dispenser:

1. To repair the damage to the faucet is to replace the faucet with a new faucet problem, 

but when buying a new faucet should bring a damaged faucet example because there are various shapes and sizes on the market, if the new tap size is different with the size of the tap is long then most likely the new faucet will not be installed properly in place.Untuk how to replace the damaged faucet with a new one please read my other article entitled "Caring for mineral water dispenser at home"

2. Leakage on the dispenser body, 

leakage usually occurs in the water channel is a water hose that goes into the mouth of the dispenser to the hoses that channel it to other places. the hoses are inside the dispenser body located under the mouth of the dispenser and behind the faucet, to find out then we must open the cover on the back by:
  • Open all the bolts attached to the back cover of the tool.
  • Check all of the water supply hoses if any are dripping or not
  • Leaks usually occur at the end of each hose, the leak is due to less fast hoist belt hose (ripet) then to anticipate is to tighten the fasten belt by pulling the tip of the ripet, if there is a hose that must be replaced with a new hose that many sold in market.

For leaks occurring on the mouth / neck the dispensar is usually caused by a cracked funnel so the water seeps out.

So my article on how to fix a mineral water dispenser, may be of benefit to you.

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