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How to Fix damaged TV no sound no pictures

Good morning friend . This time I will share tips on how to fix damaged tv no sound no pictures.

If you have a damaged tv there is no sound of broken pictures, which has the characteristic traits of damages such as tv damaged there is no sound image, God willing i can help give tips to fix there is no sound no pictures.

See below some ways for the possibility of fixing a damaged tv no sound no pictures without having to buy a new television.

First open your tv cover to see the damage first see the heater component, test this hater voltage with avo meter, usually its voltage between 4v s / d 5v if the voltage is there and true 4v or 5v, try off and see soke crt, possibly this socket in the focal point is already rusted or damaged, if it is true that damaged socket then replace the new one, buy it at the nearest electronics store

Both install the socket carefully not to install errors. Then try to test or turn on the machine and see if the picture already exists or not, if it has been replaced the socket still has not appeared image, try setting the screen voltage on the flyback and test voltage screendengan avo meter, this voltage is approximately about 100v. if voltage 0 try to off condensator screen voltage may be condensator shot / broken, then test again with position of condensator regardless see voltage.

If the voltage is still there is no possibility that the die is flybacknya, but only the screen voltage is lost, if only the screen voltage is just hilanng you can mensiasatinya by taking from the voltage of horizontal transistor collector then love diodes and condensator 2kv, then love askade or voltage regulator screen, if you are afraid or can not buy the new flyback.

If the screen tegangn there and other tengann also normal but the screen still does not appear the picture, the possibility of damaged is the tube, but do not directly change the test tube once again how, find resistance / resistor size 10k and attach or connect on one leg RGB cathode it's up to any color connect the resistance to GND, or off voltage 180v that goes to RGB, then turn on the engine and see the screen whether there is light or light, if it is not able to get out the picture forced to replace the tube.

Finally replace the same or the same tube so you will not be confused when installing it, after finished installing the tube, then turn on the machine, if already can be normal as normal means you have success in learning service repair television that no picture.

That's a little tips and tricks how to fix broken no sound no picture may be useful for all of us, please comment below if you have any questions or confused.

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