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How To Easily Know The Cause Of Ac Is Not Cold

Step Overcoming Damage In Households (Split) - For an experienced air conditioner technician, it may be said that it is easy to overcome the damage that causes the air conditioner is not cold or less cold, but here I will explain the causes or problems that make the air conditioner not working properly for my friend who has not understand how AC works or just learn how to fix it.

Here are steps to find out why the AC is not cold or cold.

  1. Check on AC remote. Is the setting correct? Maybe it could be because the setting changed to the fan mode because it was squashed during sleep or because made toys children.
  2. Because dirty. See the Indoor AC cassing section and open on the filter whether the condition is dirty, has not been in the wash (cleaning)? Less cold cause one of them is dirty both on the filter, pipe fins evaporator and blower fan.
  3. The fan blower is jammed. Damage to the motor blower fan jams can my friend check first with manually blower blowing whether because it has not been in use rusty or no dirt stuck that makes no spin. When the blower fan motor condition smoothly but if turned on does not want to spin and just vibrate smooth, the possibility of damage caused by capasitor off or damaged (replace new).
  4. Check out the out door. Is the condenser pipe's fin condition covered with dust or other impurities? The dusty condenser pipe fins cause the heat from the pipe can not be completely wasted propagating into the evaporator pipe in the Indoor and the compressor engine will overheat until the overload cuts the electric current to the compressor engine. Check out the outdoor blower fan motor whether it is fast or not.
  5. Check the freon gas (refrigrant) with the hoses and manifolds to know the contents are reduced, if run out or decreased too fast means there is a gas leak from the pipe or bolt nepel broke / loose.
How To Easily Know The Cause Of Ac Is Not Cold
So how easy to know the main cause of AC is not or less cold, if the step is still not resolved the possibility of damage from the gas pipe system bent, stacking oil dipipa or compression on the motor compressor is reduced, but if the condition is not cool the outdoor fan motor and compressor machine dead probable cause is in the thermistor (temperature sensor) is broken or pcb module damaged.

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