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Success Key How To Repair 2 Door Refrigerator

Important Steps, Improve Disturbance Damages 2 Two Nofrost Doors

The first step in repair 2-door refrigerator

In repairing damage to the two-door refrigerator nofrost, You must know what complaints happen to the refrigerator.

     Not cold....?
     Less cold .....?
     Is it because it can not freeze .....?

Or because the bottom fridge is not cold while the top (freezer) is normal
On this occasion I will discuss the secrets of repairing the damage to the 2-door refrigerator quickly and clearly.

Things that have always been overlooked in repairing damage to the two-door refrigerator are:
  • Forgot to notice the rubber door density. Rubber door is not meeting cause the cooling system is less than the maximum because the cold air is always out, in addition to the compressor machine work becomes increasingly heavy.
  • Check the drainage path from the evaporator to the water container located near the compressor machine. The dead end drain caused water from the flowering of the ice in the evaporator to be flooded and the heater enters the puddle, causing the heater to not heat the ice in the evaporator and consequently there is a buildup of ice flower in the evaporator.

Success Key How To Repair 2 Door Refrigerator

How To Repair 2-Door Refrigerator Do Not Cool

1. Check the refrigerator cable before execution of damage, whether the cable is in good condition ie not loose or not broken.

2. Check the electrical current from the outlet, whether the power is okay, check what voltage voltage does not occur drop or maybe pulse power out 😃😃😃😫

If it turns out because the damage is on your electricity, try to be first before doing the next step.

3. Turn on the refrigerator and check on the refrigerator compressor, whether the compressor is working or not. If the compressor does not work please find the location of the refrigerator timer a little on the refrigerator timer in the opposite direction of the clock.

When the compressor engine is not alive but hot and there is a click sound from Overload the possibility of damage to PTC Relay (check), and if still good last possibility because the compressor engine is stuck.

How To Repair 2-Door Refrigerator Do Not Cool
The 2-door refrigerator timer is on the back of the refrigerator, exactly in the corner of the fridge to the left of the compressor, but there is a cupboard inside the door fridge.
When the timer after the turn a little and then compressor with blower fan motor life, the possibility of damage is in FUSE, HEATER or TIMER DEFROST.

4. Check the fuse and heater by opening the cover cover fan blower and evaporator located inside the door of the top refrigerator.
If you check with a multimeter there are live checks one by one FUSE and HEATER.

How to check fuse and heater without using multimeter tool?

That's easy enough, just combine both THERMO DEFROS / BIMETAL cable and turn the timer into the defros (ice flowering) process if the fuse and heater are in good condition, the heater will be hot, but if the heater is not hot it may be damaged. Replace fuse and heater.
How to check fuse and heater without using multimeter tool?
Thermo defrost image, combine the cable cord pieces which is in the fridge set.
Up here you must already know, the cause of the 2-door refrigerator can not be cold.
When HEATER and FUSE are in good condition, the possibility of damage is caused due to defrost timer is broken.

How to Repair 2-Door Refrigerator Less Cold ot Froozen

Fix a 2-door refrigerator that is less cold there are many reasons
The first cause is the oil from the compressor engine rises into the evaporator
The second cause is that the compression pressure on the compressor is reduced
the third cause because the rubber door is not meeting
The fourth cause is due to the stagnation of the drain on the process of melting the ice flower
And the other cause is the accumulation of ice flower in the evaporator
To make sure the cause of damage to the 2-door refrigerator is less cold, I will discuss about how to look for damage to the 2-door refrigerator.

Please see carefully, if less clear buddy readers or who look for a solution damage on the 2-door refrigerator can ask the comment column below this post.

How To Fix Refrigerator 2 Door, The Top Cold Safe Normal And That Below Not Cold

For chiller damage is not cold on the 2-door refrigerator while the upper door room (normal freezer there are 2 main causes, namely:
  1. The door is not tightly closed, this is because the rubber door is hardened, torn, weak magnet or the door hinge settings shifted.
  2. The thermostat regulator opens the lid of broken or ice-covered air lanes. Replace new when the thermostat is damaged, if icy covered possible waterway dispose of at the time of melting ice blossom and pass through the air circulation path to the bottom door.

How To Find Damage On 2-Door Refrigerator Is Less Cold With Quickly

Fixing damage to the 2-door refrigerator requires careful scrutiny and jelly in guessing any damage, because it could be the same damage but the damaged components may vary. As a result if the wrong guess can cause us to buy the wrong component and ultimately the cost of improvement increases a lot.

For the first time checking, we must know what the complaint.
To check the 2-door refrigerator that is less cold / cold but can not to make ice, then you should check is the evaporator first, if the flower ice is not evenly then it could be damage to refrigrant system, fine leak smooth, oil up to evaporator, refrigrant path (dead end) or because compression pressure on the compressor engine has been reduced.

If the damage is caused by the accumulation of ice flower on the evaporator, it can be ascertained damage to the defrost system or the ice flowering system.
How To Find Damage On 2-Door Refrigerator Is Less Cold With Quickly
The 2-door refrigerator is less cold due to the accumulation of ice flower on the evaporator due to the problematic defros system. "

To repair the damage to the 2-door refrigerator is less cold due to the accumulation of ice flower, is as follows.


Opening the evaporator cover on the 2-door refrigerator that happens because the accumulation of flower is a little inconvenient, for that buddy must dilute the flower of ice first by using a hair dryer, if there is no hair dryer then you can buddy to move the refrigerator out and spray water, warm or wait until melted while drinking coffee and fried food that has been prepared of course 😃😃😃


The first step of improvement when there is a cascade of ice flower is to combine both bimetal / defros thermo wires to see if the heater and Fuse function properly or not like checking the heater and fuse above and then rotating the timer to the defros setting ( search for ice flower).

To repair the damage to the 2-door refrigerator is less cold due to the accumulation of ice flower, is as follows.
cut and combine the wires for the thermo defrost / bimetal
Example picture of refrigerator heater
Wait about 2 minutes and check whether the heater is hot or not, when heat means heater and fuse in good condition.

3. Check on Refrigerator Timer

Checking on the refrigerator timer for less cooler refrigerator damage is very important, since the timer function is to set the time for cooling and defroscale process. For the process of melting ice flower occurs every 7 hours.

If there is damage to the refrigerator timer during cooling, then the ice flowering process can not occur, whereas if the refrigerator timer damage at the time of the ice flowering process, then the refrigerator can not do the cooling process.

How to check the refrigerator timer

Checking the refrigerator timer quickly can be done by holding the motor timer of the refrigerator, if there is a motor vibration the possibility of the motor timer is still good, but you should see the gears for the displacement time defros and cooling time whether or not rotate by looking at the edge of the timer there is plastic transparent function to see the gears.

How to check the refrigerator timer
Take a look at the picture above, on the refrigerator timer that there is a small box of transparent glass that is circled is the place where it works to see the gears
To ensure that a refrigerator timer is damaged or when a timer timer is defrosted with no transparent glass, please rotate the suit to the liquefaction process, in the process of liquefying "compressor and dead blower fan"

Wait about 30-45 minutes, when the timer switches itself to cooling "compressor and blower fan," the refrigerator timer is declared good.


To detect damage to the bimetal / defrost thermo should use a multimeter, because when the normal temperature defrost thermo when measured will disconnect and when the temperature is less than 5 ° to 13 ° Celsius (depending on thermo defrost sensitivity) will be connected, but it is better to determine the damage thermo defrost after checking other components easier to check, because no need to use ice or put in cold temperatures.

Thus key success how to fix interruption of damage on 2-door refrigerator, hopefully this post can help you in overcoming the problem of 2-door refrigerator.

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