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4 Powerful Ways to Fix Damaged or Unread Memory Cards

SD Card or so-called external memory is one of the most needed devices today. Although there are many gadgets that have large internal memory, users still need a memory card (MicroSD) to store the data.

Perhaps you've experienced memory problems unreadable (damage), with unreadable memory will certainly make it difficult for us to move the data in the memory.

To solve the unreadable memory card problem on Android, I have four ways that can be done to fix the memory.

How to Fix a Corrupted or Unread Memory Card

Method 1: Clean the Memory Card

  • First aid to solve the problem of memory card is not detected is to remove the memory card from the gadget. Make sure you've turned off the gadget first.
  • Clean the copper plate (golden yellow) with a pencil eraser (which is white). Rub gently to clean.
Ways to Fix Damaged or Unread Memory Cards
  • If it is clean, re-insert the memory card into the memory slot and check whether it is read or not.

Method 2: Format from Android

  • Go to the Settings menu> Storage.
Ways to Fix Damaged or Unread Memory Cards
  • In the menu there is an option Erase SD card. By removing SD Card, it can create clean memory as new.

How to 3: Check the Error of PC

  • Connect Android to your laptop or PC with the data cable.
  • Make sure your Android is connected in Mass storage mode (MSC) instead of Media transfer mode (MTP).
  • Open Windows Explorer, right click on Memory card drive, select Properties> Tools> Error Checking, wait until all process is complete.
Ways to Fix Damaged or Unread Memory Cards
  • Eject the memory card, then check if it is read or not.

Method 4: Format from PC

If the memory card (MicroSD) is readable and looks fine on the computer but remains unreadable on Android. Try using this method:
  • Create a new folder on HardDisk, give a name just as long as you remember that this new folder will be a temporary storage space alias backup the contents of the damaged memory card earlier.
  • Copy the entire contents of memory card then Paste into the folder that was created earlier.
  • If you are sure all copied, format the memory card.
  • Then restore all the data in the folder into the memory that has been formatted earlier.
  • Now check again, still fail or not.

Closing Remarks

If it still fails too, try repeating the steps again. If you want to buy a new memory card, you can read Tips on Choosing Memory Card for Smartphone. Good luck!

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