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TV is totally dead - knowing the causes & how to fix it

Total Dead TV - Know the Cause and How to Overcome it - It has been a long time since the admin has not returned to publish the article, because now there is free time and there are a few inspirational ideas to make articles, the theme this time is the problem of totally dead TV or better known as dead, be it tube or LCD.

There are not only one or two reasons why your TV can die completely, because in general there are several things that cause damage so that the TV becomes damaged, the characteristics that can be recognized are the screen and standby light does not turn on or the indicator light does not turn on.

TV is totally dead - knowing the causes & how to fix it

Damage like this can also be due to being struck by lightning, a TV that dies due to being struck by lightning is usually more difficult to repair than because it will usually propagate to other components that require you to replace the machine, for the price of a Chinese TV machine usually sells for 200 thousand, it could be more or less, the following tips to fix a totally dead TV easily.

Identifying Some of the Causes of TV Turning Off

Before going to the main topic, you have to know what hardware components are often the reason why the TV doesn't turn on, here are the hardware components on the tv machine that you need to check:

  1. Transistor Regulator shorted (short)
  2. Transistor Horizontal Shorted (short)
  3. Flyback (Off)
  4. Etc...

How To Fix A Total Dead TV Easily

First, you can first check whether the transistor regulator is still in normal condition or damaged, how to check the fuse first and make sure it doesn't break, if the fuse blows you have to replace it and try to turn on the tv again, if it still doesn't turn on or the fuse blows again you must check the state of the regulator transistor.

Second, after you try the first step but it doesn't work, it means you have to check another component, namely the Horizontal Transistor, if this component is damaged it can cause the TV to not turn on or completely shut down, before measuring it you must set the multitester scale to X1.

Then connect the black multitester probe to the base of the transistor then connect the red probe to the emitter of the transistor, the multitester needle will move slightly but not 0OHM, move the black probe to the emitter leg while the red probe to the collector leg, then the needle will move, it shows the value of a diode, not Ohm.

A sign that shows that the Horizontal Transistor is broken is when measured between the collector and emitter of the needle it will show the number 0, if measured between the collector and the needle base it will show the number 0, if measured between the base leg and the emitter of the needle will show the number 0, that means you have to replace the Horizontal Transistor.

Finally, the component that you should suspect and must immediately check is the Flyback part, because there have been several cases of totally dead TV due to damage to the Flyback, symptoms if damage occurs to these components include:

  1. There is no voltage coming out of the FBT
  2. Horizontal transistor when replaced immediately short (damaged)
  3. Weak voltage at B +

 If you find the above symptoms, it means that you are obliged to try to replace the flyback with a new one or a used one too, as long as it is still in normal condition and can be used.

Actually there is a shortcut to solve this problem, some technicians usually outsmart this by using the Power Supply Module or usually called Gatcun, but actually this is not recommended, because it could be that the voltage is not in accordance with the default TV machine that has been set and designed, even though this method is quite fast , but does not guarantee whether the TV will last long or not, so you decide.

In conclusion there are several things that cause tv to die completely, therefore you must know each of the causes so you can fix it easily, we will continue to update this article.

These are the steps to repair Total Dead TV, hopefully what I write is useful for you, don't miss the latest articles from this blog, by following this blog and waiting for updates to other articles, I thank you for visiting.

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