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EASY, How to Flash Sharp Aquos LED TV (All Types)

EASY, How to Flash Sharp Aquos LED TV (All Types) - Not infrequently there is damage to the TV whose problem is in the software (software), talking about problems like this we will discuss how to Flash a Sharp led tv using USB and the firmware according to the type.

Firmaware update is updating a system that has been planted in the Television Memory IC, well usually damage, as often occurs on Sharp led tv, Samsung led tv, Toshiba, LG and Polytron, it does not rule out the possibility of other TV brands can also experience this kind of damage.

EASY, How to Flash Sharp Aquos LED TV

Indeed, there are still many who do not know why it can be damaged and must update the firmware with a new one and of course it is suitable for the type of Sharp led tv you have.

Actually, there are already a lot of people who provide a collection of firmaware updates of various types of tv brands and different types.

What you should know before Flashing Firmaware tv is to make sure you have provided the Firmware that matches the type of TV you want to update, because if it is not suitable, usually the Flashing process will not work.

Many cases of Firmaware Update fail due to errors when downloading the update file, many think for example the Sharp Aquos TV firmware type 500, can be used for the 600 type. It turns out that it can't, even though the brands are both sharp Aquos but if the type is different, the flash tv process still works. Sharp won't make it.

Many are looking for a place to download firmware for sharp led tv both 24inch, 32inch and others, as we said before, that there are already many sites that provide various types of Firmaware tv updates and you can find one that matches the led tv you have, but if isn't there, meaning you have to find the equation that really matches.

There are various ways to flash led and lcd tvs and of course they are different, there are those who use a special flash tool for led and lcd tv, the shape is the same as USB but has been filled with files for the update, while there is a manual way, namely using a cardreader or flashdisk that was previously in the contents of the specified firmware.

Share a little experience, we used to repair a Sharp Aquos 24 inch led tv that was damaged with black blank screen signs, the backlight does not turn on but the standby light is blue, usually this is due to malfunctioning software which must be updated with new , Admin tried to flash the Sharp LED TV using Flasdisk and finally the TV returned to normal life again until now it still survives.

How to Flash Sharp Aquos LED TV

The admin will provide the easiest steps, namely by using a Flashdisk or SDcard that is inserted into the cardreader. The steps are not difficult, you only need to read and listen carefully so that you can try this tutorial, are you curious? Let's go straight to the steps:

  • First, make sure you have downloaded the firmware update file that matches your Sharp Aquos led tv type. Janhan got the wrong type because if it's wrong it won't work, to see the type of television, it's usually in the back.
  • If the firmware has been downloaded, the next step is to extract the Firmaware and don't save it in a folder, but outside the folder. (Using a Flashdisk or Cardreader)
  • The third step is to unplug the TV from electricity, insert the flash into the USB port on the TV and usually on the back.
  • If so then press and hold the power button of your sharp led tv (while plugging the tv cable into the mains)
  • So don't let go of the power button until the screen turns on and carry out the Firmware Update process.
  • During the update process it is forbidden to unplug the cable, just keep it until it's finished, for a while it doesn't take up to 5 minutes.
  • Try unplugging and plugging the cable back in, if the TV turns on then the firmware flashing process has been successful.

 How bro? Very easy right?

Not everyone succeeds in following the method above, not because it doesn't work but indeed because of several reasons the Sharp Aquos LED TV flash fails, why and how? Take it easy, the admin will tell the cause of the led flash tv failure below:

Cause Sharp LED TV Flash Firmware Failed

There are several causes of firmware upgrade failure, the failure in question is that when the power button is pressed the screen does not turn on and remains blank black ...

1. Firmaware Update Error

As the admin said, make sure you download the firmware that is really suitable for the sharp led tv type which will be flashed later, if you use the Sharp brand firmware but the type is different then it won't work, why? Yes, because it did not match and finally the TV did not accept the firmware. So make sure it really fits, friend.

2. Unreadable Flashdisk

Unreadable flashdisk can be caused by several things, such as rust in the iron, or indeed the flash drive is damaged, it will not be able to read and transfer the firmware update to the led tv which will be flashed. Make sure you have checked the state of the flash first.

3. Loose Sharp TV USB port

A loose USB port can also be the reason why the Sharp LED TV Flash Firmware fails, because if it is loose it is likely that the flashdisk cannot be connected to the TV, so make sure it is not loose and make sure the USB port is still good, not corroded or there is no dirt stuck in the hole.

4. Hardware damage

If it continues to fail, then it could be that the damaged software is not the software but has attacked the hardware (hardware) it could be the IC Memory is damaged or other components, usually most of them are damaged in the hardware, not the hardware.

However, the hardware that causes the TV firmware to fail is due to the problem with the IC Memory, so that the firmware that is entered through the Flashdisk will not be received properly and often fails during the process.

Thus a short article on how to flash a Sharp Aquos led tv for all types, in conclusion, only with firmware and flash, you can try it yourself at home. If you listen to the steps above that we have provided, there will definitely be no errors, we once again emphasize, make sure you use the Firmware that matches the type, thank you.

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