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How to fix Various Faulty TVs (From A-Z)

How to fix Various Faulty TVs - How to fix Various Faulty TVs -You don't need to buy a manual on how to service the TV, because I have provided some common faults and solutions to fix them, so you should know the basics first.

Some of the reasons someone looks for articles like this, namely how to service tv is because many want to learn about electronics, one of which is television, especially when we are men who in my opinion should know about electronics even though it is not too deep, including how to repair tv.

If you look at it, now more and more people are using television and more and more new brands are releasing this electronic product, because it has great benefits, we can get the latest information through television, therefore we need to know the expertise to repair TV so we don't always depend on others who might understand more about this.

Okay, let's go straight, in this article I will not explain everything in one article, but previously I have made several articles about television, each of which is damaged and how to fix it is different, so here I will list only the links that you can read right away.

Below I will share according to the tv brand, the type of tv, namely led and lcd tubes, I will also describe it for each article, so I will make an article in the article or I just provide the link, not explaining everything in this 1 article.

How to fix Various Faulty TVs

1. Know the causes and how to fix a totally dead TV

First, if you want to learn to repair a TV then you have to know what steps to take if you get a totally dead TV order, maybe for beginners you will find this kind of damage difficult to repair, but the fact is not like that, there is even a TV damage that is not totally dead (still alive) but more difficult than this first problem.

Previously I have provided an article on the problem of totally dead TV and what you should do, to find out more clearly about this article 1, please click the totally dead TV link.

2. How to Open a Locked Television (All Brands)

Damage like this generally often occurs in LED and LCD television, but it is not uncommon for tube tv to experience the same case, generally a locked TV can be caused by pressing the wrong button on the remote and also because there is a damaged hardware component.

Chapter 2's problem is still relatively easy to fix, for more details, please go straight to opening a locked TV.

3. TV No Sound Repair Guide

Sound is one of the important things in television electronic circuits, because its function is to present images and audio, if the audio doesn't work it will make your television useless, unless you use third party components such as active speakers.

To fix a TV with no sound, you can immediately read the following article How to Fix TV No Sound

4. LED TV Solution Picture Dark Normal Sound

This fourth discussion prioritizes led TV, because now almost everyone uses this type of television, even many tube tv users have switched to using LEDs because of its more sophisticated technology and minimalist appearance, it's not heavy to take anywhere.

If you find a led tv case the picture does not appear but the sound is still there, damage like this is caused by several things, it could be because the IC near the Tcon is damaged, the backlight is off or software damage that requires you to update the firmware (read discussion 5), for more details, read the solution led tv dark picture.

5. How to Update Sharp TV Firmaware

This discussion is specifically for televisions that have damage to software (software) not hardware (hardware), actually this discussion does not only focus on the sharp tv brand, but you can also apply to other brands such as Samsung, Toshiba, TCL and other brands because not too different methods.

At first glance, the firmware update is to reinstall the system that has been embedded in the television memory IC, usually the TV sign that must be flashed is the standby light is on but the picture and sound are not there, read the complete guide to Update Sharp TV Firmaware.

6. Know what is flyback and the characteristics of the damage

Flyback is one of the important components on a television, it can be likened to the heart of a TV machine, because if the flyback is damaged it will usually propagate to other components, for that you are required to know the function and characteristics of the damage to this component so that when you service your TV you understand, read the characteristics. flyback damage traits.

7. LG Led TV No Picture

The intended discussion focuses on LG brand televisions, where many people use them because they are known for their quality and low prices, there are several reasons why the image does not appear on LG TV, so that you understand better, please refer to this LG Led TV No Picture article.

8. Horizontal Striped TV Repair Guide

Often times get TV service orders with symptoms appearing a line in the middle of the screen, be it horizontal or vertical, surely you will be confused about fixing a case like this if you haven't read the article on how to fix a horizontal broken TV.

9.Vertical Striped TV

Not much different from the previous guide, if you are a beginner technician who is just starting to repair the TV, you will definitely find one of the defects with a vertical stripe on the panel, the causes and how to fix it, we have discussed in the previous article.

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