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How to fix a horizontal striped TV and understand the cause

Horizontal Striped TV - Not only tube TV, problems like this can also occur with the latest types of TVs, namely Led and Lcd, the problem of centered or horizontal striped TV is actually a common problem for technicians, therefore a damaged TV like this is easy to be repaired and usually completed in a fairly fast time.

The cause of the center striped TV is because the vertical component is damaged, and if a vertical line appears then the damage is in the horizontal component, but you should not only focus on one object, there could be other causes that you may not know about.

Repairing a horizontal striped TV is actually easy, because as Admin explained before, most of the technicians already know the cause and will immediately replace it with a new one, but it's not uncommon for them to be confused because there are other unknown causes.

How to fix a horizontal striped TV and understand the cause

How to Fix Horizontal Striped TV

The causes that you need to know and immediately check are actually not many, in general, the following components cause the tv screen to be lined in the middle:

  • Vertical IC
  • Vertical Output
  • Vertical Ocillator

You must check the three components above and if you know which ones are damaged you can immediately repair them by replacing new or used ones as long as they are still functioning properly and are able to last a long time so that your customers don't complain. 

First Solution How to fix a horizontal striped TV

The first one, you must check the vertical IC part because this is a part that is very prone to damage and eventually cause horizontal lines on your TV screen, the vertical IC is generally close to the Flyback, Croma IC and regulators, so you also have to focus on the components that are close and related to the Vertical IC.

You can measure the vertical IC to find out whether it is still normal or it is damaged, please prepare an analog multitester and immediately take measurements on the vertical IC's vcc (B +) pin, do you already know what is the normal voltage of B + vertical IC? if the multitester shows the number 24VDC then you can be sure that the vertical IC is fine, but if there is no voltage at all it means there is damage to this component.

Vertical IC TV Image
Vertical IC TV Image

Not finished here, you still have to measure the voltage source leading to the vertical IC, the voltage source is from the FBT to be precise at the 24V flyback pin. we can know if there is a component that appears B + Vertical is damaged when B + IC is measured vertically there is no voltage.

You have to trace all the components that are still in the same line with the B + IC before you find which component is damaged, usually in the case that what has happened is damage to the resistor in the area, if so you must immediately replace it with a new one and try whether the line is in the middle of the tv lost or not.

Second Solution How to fix a horizontal striped TV

You need to read the second solution if the first solution is not found to be damaged, if when you measure B + IC vertical there is still voltage, it means this does not need to be replaced, but you have another component, namely the ocillator which is located near the Croma IC and is still connected to the IC If the Croma IC has a problem, the vertical component will also have problems.

In this second solution you must know the output voltage of the Croma IC, generally the IC has a voltage of around 16VDC but if it is more than that it means that the vertical IC is damaged, besides that it is also usually marked by a cooling IC whose heat is unnatural in the sense that the TV is just turned on but already hot, this means you have to suspect the IC.

But if when you measure a vertical IC and it doesn't show numbers or without volts it means you have to check the vertical out oscillator component, on the latest televisions now usually the location of the Ocillator is near the Croma IC (Conjoined)

So for this second solution you have to check the condition of the Ocillator, the components near the ocillator, the Croma IC and also the vertical IC, don't focus on just one cause because it could be that the actual damage is on the components that are often damaged, namely the vertical IC, so you also have to trace the components one by one until you find the exact cause of the horizontal striped TV.

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