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Panasonic TV Remote Code and how to set it

Panasonic TV Remote Code and how to set it - This Panasonic TV remote code, maybe at any time you need it, especially for those who have a Panasonic TV, both LED and tube types. Damage to the TV remote or loss is common and an easy solution is to buy it at an official service center, but of course at a fairly expensive price.

As an easy and inexpensive solution, there are currently many universal remotes used, which by only entering a few codes according to the TV brand, the universal remote can be used as the original remote.

Panasonic TV Remote Code and how to set it

Below I share some of the remote codes that are not difficult to activate so that you can do it yourself:

Panasonic LED TV Remote Code

This type of TV usually uses a flat and thin screen so that it is widely liked by people today. LED TV which is usually also known as LCD TV still uses the remote as a control device. So when the remote is damaged or lost, it will be difficult to update settings or change channels. The only way is to use a universal remote for various TV brands because this type of remote is easy to find on the market.
Panasonic LED TV remote codes that you can use for this type of TV include:

059, 022, 066, 020, 014, 001, 015, 021

There are more than one code available because the Panasonic LED TV types themselves are quite diverse. As for the way the settings are as follows:

  1. Prepare a replacement remote that is still good and functioning properly.
  2. Press and hold for a moment the SET button or setting and the Power button at the top of the remote. After you press the two buttons above, the remote indicator light, which is usually red, will light up.
  3. Select one of the eight codes above, for example you choose code 020. Enter code 020 by pressing buttons 0-2-0 in sequence. Later the indicator light that initially turns red will turn itself off.
  4. The lights that turn off indicate that the Panasonic TV remote code is working. Just try using the remote to change TV channels or something else.

Panasonic Tube TV Remote Code

Panasonic TVs are known to be very durable, even reaching dozens of years. For that sometimes you definitely still have a Panasonic Tube TV which is still good to use but has a problem with the remote. Panasonic tube TV remote code is slightly different from Panasonic LED TVs. There are some codes that can only be used on Panasonic LED TVs but cannot be used on Panasonic tube TVs.

Just like TV remote codes in general, the Panasonic TV remote code also consists of 3 digits and has several alternative options to suit your Panasonic TV type. The following is a list of remote codes for Panasonic tube TVs that you can try, namely:

020, 059, 021, 022, 015, 014, 001

How to use or code settings on a Panasonic TV are as follows:

  1. Press and hold the SET or setting button on your universal remote.
  2. While still pressing the SET button, simultaneously press the Power button until the indicator light which is usually red lights up.
  3. Release the SET and Power button when the indicator light is on.
  4. Enter the selected remote code, for example 001 then press button 0, button 0, then finally button 1 in sequence.
  5. Later the indicator light will turn off when all the codes have been pressed.
  6. Done. The remote can function as usual.
  7. Since the remote code is quite a lot, it may be that 001 code does not match your Panasonic TV type. If this happens then repeat the method above and enter a different code until the remote is successfully activated.

Panasonic Joker TV Remote Code

Joker TV remote is the term for universal TV remote which can be used for various TV brands. This remote is fairly practical to use because you don't need to buy a remote according to the TV brand.

In addition, the Joker TV remote is also cheaper than the original Panasonic TV remote. However, to use the Panasonic Joker TV remote, you must enter the Panasonic Joker TV remote code first. The code options available include:

020, 066, 059, 014, 001, 021, 015, 022

For how to use or set the code, you can follow the method below:

  1. Turn on your Panasonic TV. The code above can be used for all types of Panasonic TVs, from the latest LED TVs and tube TVs.
  2. Select one of the codes from the code list above, for example, you select code 066.
  3. Press the SET button or setting on the remote then hold it for a while until the light turns on.
  4. After that you just need to enter the code that has been previously selected, namely 066 by pressing the numbers 0-6-6 in sequence.
  5. The indicator light will turn off when the code has been successfully entered.
  6. Try the remote to change the channel, if the channel doesn't change or the remote isn't active then try another code until you find the right code according to your TV type.

That is the information about the Panasonic TV remote code along with how to set it. To get the correct code according to the type of TV, you have to try the available codes one by one. Meanwhile, the setting is also easy and can be done quickly.

Good luck and good luck activating your new remote


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