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It WORKED! How to Fix a LG Led TV with No Picture

LG Led TV No Picture - Have you ever owned an LG branded led or lcd tv? Now many have used this brand because it is known for its good quality and affordable prices, but it does not rule out the possibility of damage, be it hardware or software, such as no picture but no sound.

Cases like this are very susceptible to occur on LG Led TVs, the complaint is a black blank image and no channel activity, the causes vary, so before that repairing LG Led TV there is no picture, you must understand what the exact cause is.

It WORKED! How to Fix a LG Led TV with No Picture

How to Fix a LG Led TV with No Picture

Before that, surely this damage occurs due to causes that you may not be aware of, not just one possibility, but there are some that you should pay attention to, here are some things that might cause the image to disappear on your LG TV:

  • Tcon is broken
  • The IC near the Tcon was damaged, namely the IC Gamma AS-15.
  • Software malfunction
  • The LVDS cable is disconnected, it could be because it is not tight or not yet installed. 

Seen above is more of the reasons why the image may not appear, but here I will not discuss all of the causes above, what will be discussed is that damage that really happens often, so you don't need to check a lot of components, because it's quite draining time and effort.

Is the screen or TV panel still emitting light from the backlight or is it really dark and black with only sound? There are two possibilities, namely the defective backlight, usually because there are one of several broken LED lights behind the panel, so they all die, because the led is assembled in a Series way.

If the backlight is completely dead and the TV screen does not give off any light, then you can be sure that the damage is in the LED light which is located behind the panel, to fix a damaged TV backlight, you can read the previous article.

Furthermore, the backlight lamp remains on but does not produce an image, this often occurs due to damage to the IC near the Tcon, to check it is very easy, please hold the IC with the Tcon while plugging the TV into the power and turning on the TV, if when touched it is very hot, then The IC is short and must be replaced.

It has been checked but the IC is normal and not very hot to the touch, then what should I do again? if you've tried it but still haven't found a definite cause, you also have to check the software section, the way is to Flash TV using Firmware, you don't have to be confused about how to get started, just read the article below: 

The steps you need to try:

  1. The first you can check the voltage on the power supply and make sure everything is normal.
  2. Furthermore, if you think the power supply voltage is completely normal, you can check the voltage on the led driver output.
  3. If everything looks normal, you can check the rest of it.
  4. If the voltage is zero when measured, then you must immediately replace the driver IC.
  5. To find out whether the Driver IC is damaged or not, usually when measured using a multitester it will show a figure of about 50 volts.

In this article I have provided several steps that need to be tried, but some of the steps are made in different articles that I have made before, such as an example is how to flash a led tv, to see the tutorial you can click on the link, that's how to fix a LG Led TV Not Available Pictures, hopefully useful.

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