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Complete LG LED & LCD TV firmware

Complete LG LED & LCD TV firmware - Before updating the software or resetting your LG LED TV, of course, you need the firmware that matches the type of TV. Usually each type of TV has a different firmware and cannot be installed carelessly. You can download some LG LED or LCD TV firmware here.

Generally, TV firmware is needed when you want to reset the TV by flashing, either with a flash or through the update feature which is usually in the settings menu. Sometimes there are some defects in the LG TV on the software (software) that requires you to flash the TV using the appropriate Firmware.

In this article, we will share a collection of LG TV Firmware for several types that you can download for free. This firmware can later be used to flash LG TVs or just to update the software.

Complete LG TV Firmware Collection

If you need Firmware for your LG LED or LCD TV, you can download it directly from the table below:

TV Type Firmware Size
42UB820T Download 4 MB
42LS3110 Download 2 MB
42LN5400 Download 1 MB
42LG53FR Download 2 MB
42LF20FR Download 8 MB
42LD450 Download 1 MB
39LN5100 Download 8 MB
37LE6310 Download 1 MB
32LV2530 Download 1 MB
32LV2130 Download 8 MB
32LS3400 Download 1 MB
32LS3110 Download 2 MB
32LS315Q Download 2 MB
32LN5100 Download 8 MB
32LN541B Download 1 MB
32LK311 Download 8 MB
32LH20R Download 8 MB
32LG60UR Download 2 MB
32LG30R Download 2 MB
32LF550A Download 8 MB
32LF20FR Download 8 MB
32LF15R Download 2 MB
32LE4500 Download 1 MB
32LD340 Download 8 MB
32CS410 Download 2 MB
29MT45A Download 8 MB
26LS3300 Download 2 MB
24LN4100 Download 8 MB
24LB452A Download 8 MB
22MT44A Download 8 MB
22M2241AN Download 4 MB
22LS3300 Download 2 MB
22LS2100 Download 4 MB
22LN4100 Download 8 MB
22LN4000 Download 4 MB
22LK311 Download 8 MB
22LK310 Download 8 MB
22LB450A Download 8 MB
22I4050 Download 8 MB
22CS410 Download 2 MB
19MN43A Download 4 MB
19LS4R Download 512 KB

The Importance of LG TV Firmware Update

Almost all brands of LED or LCD TVs are equipped with a system update feature (firmware) which aims to improve the performance of the TV itself, usually the latest firmware version is equipped with additional features that were not previously available.

In addition to improving TV performance, firmware can also be used to repair damaged TVs, specifically in the software section. An example of a software malfunction on an LG TV is a black blank image and no sound. But such damage is not always caused by software problems.
How to Update LG TV Firmware

To update the firmware, you can use an empty flash disk with a minimum capacity of 4 GB. If the flash is still filled with files, we recommend that you delete or move the file first. Here are the steps:

  • First, Download the firmware according to your LG TV type.
  • Second, move the firmware into a flash disk (outside the folder).
  • After that unplug the TV cable then insert the flash into the USB port on the TV.
  • Then press and hold the power button of your LG TV (while plugging the TV cable into the mains).
  • Do not release the power button until the TV turns on and the firmware update process is running.
  • Wait for the update process to complete in approximately 5 minutes.
  • After the update process is complete, unplug the TV cable and plug it in again.

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