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Complete TCL TV Firmware Collection

Complete TCL TV Firmware Collection -TCL is a TV brand that often experiences damage in the software section. Such damage can be fixed by flashing using the appropriate firmware. In this article, we will share a collection of TCL LED TV firmware that you can download for free.

Generally TV firmware is needed when there are symptoms of damage to the software section. If the TV software has a problem it is usually marked by several features. Like not being able to save channels, many menus that don't work, a blank TV screen and many more.

While flashing the firmware can be done in several ways. Like using a flash or flash IC EEPROM directly with a special tool, namely the USB Programmer. But the easiest way is to use a flash that is already loaded with firmware.

Before flashing the TCL TV, make sure you have downloaded the TCL LED TV firmware with the appropriate type. Because if it's just a little wrong, chances are that the flashing process won't work.

TCL TV Firmware Collection

 TCL LED / LCD TV Firmware Collection

 You can download the firmware directly from the table below:

Tipe TV Firmware Ukuran
L32D15 Download 4 MB
L32D700 Download 4 MB
L32D3000 Download 4 MB
TCON 32D10 Download 8 KB
TCL 30D15 Download 4 MB
L29E4200 Download 4 MB
L29E3500 Download 4 MB
L29D2900 Download 4 MB
L24D10F Download 2 MB
LT24E3500 Download 4 MB
L23D3200 Download 4 MB
L17D20PB Download 4 MB

Firmware Function on TCL TV

There are several types of TCL TVs that are equipped with a system update feature (firmware) with the aim of improving TV performance and adding new features that were not available before.

In addition to improving TV performance, firmware updates can also be tried to fix software problems on the TV.

If the software section of your TCL TV has a problem, it is usually marked with the following characteristics:

  • Cliché TV image
  • The TV image is reversed
  • TV response becomes slow
  • TV cannot save channel (broadcast)
  • Blank TV panel indicator light is lit or blinking

However, that does not mean that damage with the characteristics above is always caused by software problems.

How to Update TCL TV Firmware with a Flashdisk

Here's an easy way to flash a TCL TV with a flash:

  • First, download the firmware according to your TCL TV type.
  • Second, move the firmware into a flash disk (outside the folder).
  • After that unplug the TV cable then insert the flash into the USB port on the TV.
  • Then press and hold the TCL TV power button (while plugging the TV cable into the mains).
  • Do not release the power button until the TV turns on and the firmware update process is running.
  • Wait for the update process to complete in approximately 5 minutes.
  • After the update process is complete, unplug the TV cable and plug it in again.

Cause TCL TV Flash Failed

If the flashing process of your TCL TV fails, such as not responding when the flash is plugged into a USB port or loading stuck (stops) it might be due to the following:

  • Incompatible firmware
  • Flashdisk damaged or dirty
  • The USB port is loose or dirty

To find out other causes, it is advisable to read the article we posted earlier regarding the causes for the TV firmware update to fail.

In conclusion, you have to use the absolutely suitable TCL TV firmware for the flashing process to be successful. In addition, also consider all the risks that may occur before or after a firmware update. May be useful.

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