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How to Fix TV No Sound (Complete)

No matter how expensive the television is, it will definitely not be far from the name of damage, some cases of TV damage that often occur are the TV has no sound, then how do you fix it? You can continue reading this article.

There is nothing wrong with knowing what causes TV sound to be lost, cases of damage like this often occur in tube TVs or LED and LCD TVs, on this occasion the Admin will share experiences on how to repair TV with no sound.

How to Fix TV No Sound

There are some exact causes that you should know to solve this problem, what are the causes and how to fix it?

 1. Make sure the TV Sound Settings are Correct

On each TV we can turn off the sound function or often known as Mute if the mode is active then your TV will automatically not be able to make sound even though it is changed to another channel.

The sign that the tv enters mute mode is that there will be an icon in the form of a crossed speaker image, usually in the lower left corner of the TV screen, to disable it you just press the Mute button on the remote until normal sound returns.

I made sure the TV is not in mute mode, but why is it still not working? don't panic just yet, if the first tip failed, you can go to the following tips:

2. Check the Speaker Condition

The speaker is the main component on a tv that functions to make sound, so what should not be missed is to check the condition of the speakers whether they are still normal or there is damage.

Usually, the thing that often happens to speakers that causes the speaker to be damaged is the copper coil inside is broken or the cable is broken which causes the sound not to come out.

Each TV is equipped with 2 speakers with the aim of making the sound output into a stereo and pleasant to hear, if the sound is lost usually the two speakers break off and must be replaced.

If that is the damage, you have to replace it with the appropriate type so that it can be installed on the damaged TV, to make sure the speaker is damaged, you can check it using a digital or manual multitester with the size of Ohm meter x1, I assume you understand up to here.

 3. Solder the Audio IC Foot

If this damage occurs to an old TV, it is usually the definite cause because there is a loose or cracked solder that cannot be connected properly, usually if something is loose when the TV is shaken or hit the sound will appear and disappear again.

The solution is to try to re-solder all the feet of your TV Audio IC while observing whether there are parts that are less lead or not, so that the tin sticks perfectly, suggested before soldering you clean it using thinner liquid and used toothbrush until clean.

If it feels right and nothing is short of lead, try to turn on the TV and check whether the sound comes out or not, don't close the case just yet fear it won't work.

In addition, you also have to check the condition of the Control IC, to find out if the IC control is still functioning normally or not you have to sort it by touching the IC Control input section to find out the location of the input leg of the Audio IC by sorting from the input socket, if there is a response to the IC audio means the control IC is in normal condition.

You can also re-solder the legs of the control IC, because there could be parts that are loose and less lead, pay attention to every part of the leg that you think should be soldered, and don't forget to clean it first using a tinner.

4. Check the Audio Line Voltage

Do not overlook to check the voltage on the Audio line which is an important component that controls sound on the TV. In general, the Audio IC voltage is still in a normal state in the range of 12-15 Volts DC current, so if it's less than that it is likely that the damage is on the Audio IC.

Cause of TV No Sound

Even though I have given a few points to fix lost TV sound, it never hurts to discuss the common reasons why it can happen.

Of the TVs that I have repaired, of course the problem is with Audio, the cause is damage to the speakers and Audio IC, and there are broken lines, this damage can only be due to loose, or it is already weak and must be replaced.

Tips for Maintaining TV Speakers So Not Easily Damaged

There are additional tips that might be of great use to you, so that the speaker sound is durable and clear. You can take care of it by paying attention to the following:

  •   Do not expose the speaker to the magnet
  • Clean the speaker holes from dust using a wet or dry cloth
  • Use a moderate volume level and not too loud
  • Make sure there is no water near the TV, such as water in a glass, because if you get exposed to water, it will likely be damaged.

This is the experience that I can share with you, if there are questions about the damage to the television, you can directly contact me via the contact page at the bottom, hopefully how to fix TV without sound is useful for you, welcome to visit again

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