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Air-Conditioner Error Code List - SHARP AIR APP

Are you currently having problems with your Sharp Air-Conditioner? Is it possible to fix it ourselves? The answer is very possible!

In general, every problem or error that occurs in the Air-Conditioner will display an error code, each error code that appears will tell you where the Air-Conditioner is having problems. So before calling an Air-Conditioner technician, it's best if you do the repair yourself first.

In this article, we will provide error code information and a brief explanation of what happened to your Sharp Air-Conditioner. You'll also find out what possible causes for errors to appear. The guide below is also quite easy for you to understand.

Air-Conditioner Error Code List - SHARP AIR APP

Here are the error codes for Ac sharp and the cause of the problem:

EE Keys locked
E0 Faulty water pump
E1 Compressor pressure too high
E2 The compressor freezes in the room
E3 Low pressure compressor
E4 The compressor takes in hot air
E5 Compressor overload protection
E6 Transmit malfunction
E8 Check Indoor fan protection
E9 Check Water flow protection
FF Failure of connected control communication
F0 Faulty indoor sensor on air return vent
F1 Evaporator sensor malfunction
F2 Faulty condenser sensor
F3 External environment sensor malfunction
F4 Air release sensor malfunction
F5 Faulty environmental sensor on the displayer

Update Error Codes SHARP AIR Conditioiner

Kode Error Penyebab
H3 Compressor overload.
H4 Excess temperature of the evaporator or condenser.
H6 Damage to the compressor fan
U7 There is damage to the 4-way valve (4-way valve)
P6 There is a communication breakdown on the main control and drive
PH Overvoltage on the DC busbar
P8 Excess temperature on IPM or PFC
Pc There is a problem with the current sensor circuit
P7 There is a problem with the IPM or PFC temperature sensor
P5 Current problems with the compressor
PL Low current voltage
Lc Process failure in compressor
P0 Reset Drive Module
H7 Desynchronous compressor motor
Ld Missing phase
PU There is a problem with the charging circuit
H6 There is a Fan Problem
PP Voltage abnormalities
ee (09-42k) Drive chip problem

Troubleshooting Common Sharp Air Conditioners

AC cannot turn on 1. when you restart the unit 1. Wait 3 minutes before operating the air conditioner.
  2. when turned on 2. Wait a minute
Mist Out On Air Conditioner when cooling down The room air cools quickly and becomes foggy
Hot outdoor unit after the unit is stopped The compressor radiates heat to prepare to restart
Noise 1. Buzz is heard when starting 1. It's the start sound of the thermostat
  2. The sound of running water can be heard while the AC is on and will shrink after a few minutes
  3. The sound "shuh" is heard when the air conditioner starts / stops operation. 4. The low "shah" sound is continuously heard for 2. This is caused by refrigerant flowing inside the unit
  cooling operation or stop. 3. This is the noise caused by the refrigerant
  5. Cracking sounds can be heard during or after stops flowing 4. Noise is heard when the drainage pump is in operation
  AC On. 5. This sound is produced by
    front panel friction and more
    components expanding or connecting
    due to temperature changes
Dust from the unit Starts operating after a long period of non-use of the AC. Dust absorbed by the air conditioner
Smell During operation The smell of the room / room mixed with the air conditioner.

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