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8 Simple Ways to Check and Fix AC Faulty Yourself before Calling a Tech!

The air conditioner in the room is broken? Try to check and solve the problem yourself first, let's!

Air conditioning is one of the electronic items in your home that most often concerns you. How not, if the air conditioner is broken, surely the room will be hot and make you feel uncomfortable.

Usually when the AC is broken, you immediately call your subscription AC technician. This step is indeed the most correct, but if too often you waste money!

8 Simple Solutions and Ways to Solve Your Own Broken Home Air Conditioning Problem

Before calling an AC technician, here, it's a good idea to understand the problem that makes the air conditioner in your home not working as it should. Sometimes it's just trivial, so you don't need a technician to step in.

8 Simple Ways to Check and Fix AC Faulty Yourself before Calling a Tech!

Come on, see some simple ways you can do when the air conditioner at home has a problem! 

1. Air conditioner is not cold

Well, before you call an AC technician, try to clean the filter on the AC first if you feel the AC is not cold as it should be.

You need to know that cleaning the AC filter must be done regularly, it would even be better if you changed the AC filter every 30 to 60 days.

Room conditions also affect because AC filters tend to get dirty faster in rooms with a large number of people.

In addition, if you have a room measuring 3m × 3m, it is highly recommended to use AC with 1/2 PK. Whereas for a room size of around 6m × 6m, you should use AC with a power of 2 PK. With records that the room height in Indonesia averages 2.5 - 3m.

What the heck, PK? It stands for Paard Kracht, meaning Horse Power as a unit of AC power. FYI, 1 PK is actually enough to cool a room of 50 m2 or 4m x 5m x 2.5m. However, this also depends on the hot temperature conditions in the room.

2. AC does not turn on

Indeed, if suddenly the air conditioner in your room doesn't turn on when you turn on the remote it will make you panic.

To fix this, try, first check the settings on the remote AC. Is it in the AC or Cool position?

Don't forget to check the battery condition of the remote AC if it still has power. If it runs out, yes, you have to replace it. It's easy?

In addition, you can try checking the fuse connected to the AC. Make sure there is no electrical short circuit that causes the AC not to turn on.

3. Electricity bills are bloated or electricity tokens are wasteful

This problem is rare, though. However, there are some people who feel that their electricity bills suddenly swell or suddenly waste electricity tokens after using the AC. In fact, the AC used is only 1/2 PK powered.

Well, if you experience this problem, you don't need to worry. Actually, this can indicate if the AC filter is dirty or the condenser coil (a device that converts / cools high pressure gas into high pressure liquid) the outdoor AC is dirty.

Don't forget to check the electric current coming out of the indoor and the cable line from indoor AC to outdoor AC. This is to ensure that the problem is not due to damage to the AC components.

4. The air conditioner makes a strange sound

Your air conditioner makes a strange sound? Maybe it happened because of a loose nut. However, do not rule out the possibility of defects in the blower motor or bent outdoor fan.

Before you call an AC technician, try tightening the loose nut or lubricating the blower motor and outdoor fan.

If this continues, maybe it's time for you to call an AC technician.

5. Indoor air conditioning is watery

This problem is very often experienced by those who have AC with a fairly long age.

Although it does not affect the air produced by the air conditioner, if left unchecked, the air conditioner can quickly become damaged. Trivial problems, but need attention, here!

When the air conditioner in your room is leaking or running water, the first thing you have to do is check if there is something blocking the water from coming out of the AC hose.

Next, make sure the AC pump is working properly, if not then you can call a technician.

6. The wind produced by the AC is hot

This case is different from the air conditioner that is not cold as usual. The condition is that the air conditioner in your room still releases air, but tends to be hot. Possible cause is a problem with the freon.

If you only run out of freon, then you just need to refill. However, it could also be bad
is your freon is broken. If this is the case then you must immediately replace the freon.

7. AC is totally dead

No need to rush into panic if your air conditioner suddenly turns off completely. You just have to call the technician to confirm whether the Printed Circuit Board or PCB is on AC error or is damaged.

PCB consists of important components such as IC programs, thermistors, sensors, relays and transformers. Well, if one of the PCB components is damaged / error, this can cause the AC to shut down completely.

When the AC position is still on, usually if there is PCB damage, the AC will give a signal in the form of a flashing indicator light.

If you experience this, try checking it yourself by unplugging the power cable. Then wait a few moments before turning it on again. If the indicator light is still blinking, this means that the PCB component is indeed damaged.

8. The air conditioner is totally dead due to compressor damage

The worst thing that can happen when the air conditioner in your room is completely dead is a compressor failure. Well, the compressor is the core and life of the air conditioner itself.

If the air conditioner in your room is completely dead because of this problem, the solution is simply to replace your old AC unit with a new one.

Actually the air conditioner can still be serviced or simply replace a damaged compressor. However, the cost is so expensive that it is not even worth it because there is the possibility of it being damaged again. The safest thing is to buy a new AC unit.

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