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The characteristics of a broken TV flyback and the symptoms it causes

The characteristics of a broken TV flyback and the symptoms it causes - One of the important components on a tv machine is the flyback which has a function to suppress the voltage so that the screen can display an image, there are several features of a broken flyback on tv that you may not know and should know, as for the symptoms it causes, in this article I will discuss the theme.

TV flyback damage is one of the things that is quite difficult to repair, what makes it difficult is that sometimes we don't know that the damage is due to a problematic flyback, whether it's a leak or something, so many postpone work because they don't know the exact cause.

The characteristics of a broken TV flyback and the symptoms it causes

In my opinion, if you are a technician, it is very mandatory to know the characteristics of TV component damage, one of which is the flyback so that you don't get confused when you want to repair the television and at the same time learn more so you can become a reliable technician.

Okay, on this occasion I will give you some of the characteristics of a broken flyback that you need to know, it turns out that there are many features and symptoms that few may know, for more detailed information please read this article to the end.

Damaged Flyback Features And Symptoms

Below there will be some features whose symptoms also vary, maybe you have found a problem that is exactly like the feature below which means the cause is damage to the TV flyback.

1. Voltage Rise Down

First, if you ever find a TV case where the voltage fluctuates or the focus on the flyback doesn't work it means the FBT is indeed damaged, you can easily see this damage which is indicated by the image on the tv screen sometimes it focuses and sometimes it blurs itself when the tv is in position light up.

It's no secret, through flyback we can adjust the focus of the image that appears on the tv screen, and also the screen brightness level, so if the tv sometimes focuses and sometimes doesn't change or changes by itself it means this is a characteristic feature.

2. Short Or Burned Wire Coils

In the flyback circuit there is a coil of wire, many technicians have fixed a problem like this ,, the damage is marked by a burnt wire wound due to a short (short), the most obvious sign will usually be a crack in the body of the flyback and it is not uncommon to issue melted yellow objects

3. High Voltage Leakage

When the tv is turned on and the flyback position is still attached, it is clear that there will be bursts like blue fire and a loud enough sound like an electrical short circuit, if you experience this problem it's better to unplug the tv and don't keep it plugged in because it will likely spread to other components still close to the flyback.

Initially this kind of damage was only marked by making a sound and not yet spitting out high voltage electricity, this damage is often called a leaky flyback, if the leak is from the body, then you inevitably have to replace the flyback with a new one because it can't be done any other way.

4. Leaks In High Voltage Cables

If you find a high voltage cable that is burnt or even peeled off, it means that one of the characteristics of the flyback is damaged and this one case often also occurs, the reason why the cable burns can be because it has been too long so the quality has decreased or because it receives too often high voltage.

This problem is also serious and must be addressed immediately, if it gets worse it will usually be marked by a chipped cable and when it is dark you will see sparks from high middle that come out accompanied by a loud sound.

5. High Voltage Anode Short (Short)

This damage can occur due to leakage of the connection when measured between the high voltage coupling and the Ground or ABL pin using a multitester with a scale of X10.

In addition, symptoms of damage like this can cause the focus center and the screen not to come out or not work even though you have set it on the flyback, and nothing will change, then sometimes a sound will be heard at the flyback and can also cause the B + voltage to drop.

After recognizing the 5 characteristics of damage as above, you must also know the general symptoms that often occur if the TV flyback is damaged, which include the following:

  • The regulator or power supply will usually make a loud sound.
  • Burning of the ABL resistor, if severe, will be marked with burn marks that can turn completely black.
  • The horizontal transistor will be hotter than usual and the B + voltage will decrease (Drop). This symptom will occur if the flyback is only half short, not full.
  • Damage to the horizontal transistor and when replaced will always break unless you replace the flyback first.

Enough to this article that I can share with you, hopefully this broken flyback feature is useful for you and other readers, if this article is found useful I will be very grateful if you are willing to share it. ask direct questions and I will respond immediately if there is free time, thank you.

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