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How to Fix Canon MP287, MG2500, IP2770 Printer Easily

Printing files on a printer has indeed become a common and common thing today, printers are now no stranger and taboo and using this one tool can help you complete various kinds of work.

However, not all printers can help if the printer itself has problems, sometimes it can also experience problems when used. If you are having problems printing documents on the printer, then you must know what is causing the problem. On the printer, damage can be seen when error codes appear.

However, the error codes for each printer brand are not the same, so you have to know the type of printer you are using beforehand. If you are using a Canon printer, you must know some error codes that can help solve the problem. This code can help find problems with Canon printers before fixing them.

How to repair damaged Canon Printers with Error Codes displayed on these Canon Printers such as Printer Out Of Paper, Paper Jammed, The Ink Has Run Out. The error code on a Canon Printer is usually displayed on the LED on the Canon Printer.

When an error occurs on a Canon Printer, the alarm light will turn yellow and will cause the letter E for error with error codes such as E02, E05, E08 and others or also accompanied by the letter P for power accompanied by error codes such as P02, P10. So after the error code is displayed on the LED, immediately check the Error Code on the Canon Printer.

How to Fix Canon MP287, MG2500, IP2770 Printer Easily

How to Clean a jammed Canon Printer Cartridge

How to clean a Canon printer cartridge that causes ink to not come out or the printout becomes blurry you can do it yourself. The important part of the printer that is often the source of the problem is the cartridge which is the storage area for the ink, if this part is the problem it will automatically affect the printout.

The printer is in a new state, maybe while the printing process is still running smoothly, but over time the printer machine will definitely experience a problem. If what you experience is the printout that is not normal or good as usual, then you can do the following to handle it.

Cause of jammed Canon Printer Cartridge Problems

Often we do not know the cause of the blockage or jam in the cartridge. This results in more frequent traffic jams. It is hoped that by knowing what are the things that can trigger traffic jams, this can be avoided.

Here are some of the causes:

The temperature of the printer head is too hot due to too much printing in one process. We recommend that you pause when there is a lot to be printed, rest for a while then continue later so that the head temperature remains normal.
The printer is not used frequently.
Rarely do head cleaning.

How to Solve jammed Canon Printer Cartridge Problems

Before dismantling the cartridge, it's a good idea to do the cleaning process first to make sure the problem occurs, sometimes to solve the blurry printout, you only need a head cleaning on the software to normalize it again, if you still don't want to continue with deep cleaning. This is a method that can be done to treat minor blockages.

How to clean a Canon printer cartridge at a moderate level of blockage, in contrast to mild clogging, cannot be done through software but manually, using an injection and a suction toolkit that is attached to the cartridge for suction.

In handling heavy blockages, it takes a longer work step, first prepare warm water or head cleaner fluid in the container, soak the head in the cartridge. Remember! Only the head is soaked and should not hit the chip.

Allow a few minutes or hours, the length of time for soaking depends on the level of blockage that occurs in the head, if it's not too severe it only takes a few minutes, but if it's severe it can take a day and a night.

If it has passed the immersion stage, do suction to make sure and remove any remaining ink, if it feels clean, refill it.

If there is a splash of ink on the cartridge, then clean it with a tissue, but you must be careful not to touch the head because it can cause damage. If so, reinstall the cartridge in the printer to do a test print. Until this step, how to clean a canon printer cartridge is complete.

How to Troubleshoot Canon MP285 and MP287 Printer Error Codes

Error Code: E02
Cause: The printer is Out of Paper, the paper is not feeding properly.
Solution: Load paper correctly.

Error Code: E03
Cause: Paper Jammed, Paper Jam.
The fix: Reload the paper properly, Check if there is something blocking the entry of the paper, Check the paper roller whether it is functioning properly or not, Check
The paper sensor reader is located next to the paper roller, if it is damaged, replace it immediately.

Error Code: E04
Cause: The Canon MP287 cartridge is not installed properly
The fix: Remove the cartridge, clean it, then plug it in again

Error Code: E05
Cause: The cartridge is not fully installed, or one is damaged
The fix: Remove the cartridge and clean it then plug it in again, replace the cartridge

Error Code: E07
Cause: The cartridges are not installed in the correct position
Solution: Check whether the Black / Color Cartridge is in the correct position, the printer needs to be reset

Error Code: E08
Cause: The ink absorber is almost full
Solution: The printer needs to be reset with software

Error Code: E16
Cause: Ink has run out
The fix: Press the STOP / RESUME button until the indicator display proceeds and shows the number 1


Error Code: P02
Cause: Catridge error
Solution: Check the printer roll, remove if there are foreign objects that enter, Clean the encoder

Error Code: P03
Cause: Line feed error
The fix: Check the timing of the sensor disk, check and clean the mainboard

Error Code: P05
Cause: ASF sensor error
Solution: Replace one of the spare parts: ASF sensor unit, Motor, Board

Error Code: P06
Cause: Internal temperature error (excessive heat)
Solution: Clean the inside of the printer, Clean the sensor on the cartridge, Replace the board

Error Code: P07
Cause: Ink absorber full
Solution: Reset the printer with the program

Error Code: P08
Cause: Print head temperature rise error (head is too hot, exceeds the limit)
The fix: Change the color cartridge

Error Code: P09
Cause: EEPROM error
The fix: EEprom board is corrupt, replace the board

Error Code: P15
Cause: USB VBUS over current
Solution: Replace USB cable, Replace board

Error Code: P20
Cause: Other hardware error
Fix: Other hardware damage, change the main load

Error Code: P22
Cause: Scanner error (the scanner does not work)
Solution: Replace the scanner, replace the board 

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code IP2770

Causes, error codes and how to solve a canon ip2770 printer. The following are some printer error codes and how to fix them. In addition to error codes and methods

overcome, you also have to know how to use a Canon printer properly and correctly so that your printer can avoid problems or errors.

Error code: 3x blink Orange 1x green
Cause: There is dirt on the part near the roller, it could also be due to a damaged mechanic.
Solution: Please disassemble the printer (if it is out of warranty, if you still take it to the service center) check if there are foreign objects clogging.

Error code: 4x blink Orange 1x green
Cause: Wante Ink Pad Full
The fix: Reset the printer using software

Error Code: 5x Blink Orange 1x Green
Cause: Damaged Black or Color Cartridge
Solution: Check the cartridge, clean the cartridge chip using a tissue, maybe it gets dirty with ink which causes it not to connect, first clean the cartridge chip with a wet tissue then dry it with a dry tissue, if it still can't, replace the cartridge.

Error code: 7x Blink Orange 1x green
Cause: The Color Cartridge is damaged / dead
Solution: Replace Color Cartridges

Error code: alternately 7x blink Orange and green
Cause: Waste Ink Pad Full, Ink Absorber Full
Solution: First for printers that are not infused / infused but not given disposal, clean the ink absorbent foam at the bottom of the printer / can also be replaced, then reset the printer using a software resetter.

Error Code: 8x Blink Orange 1x Green
Cause: Ink tank full
Solution: Reset the printer using a software resetter

Error code: 13x / 16x blink Orange 1x green
Cause: The cartridge is not installed properly, when printing an image appears as if the cartridge is removed upwards on your monitor screen.
The fix: Press and hold the resume button (below the power button) for about 10 seconds.

Error Code: 14x / 15x Blink Orange 1x Green
Cause: Damaged black cartridge, cartridge chip or dead.
The fix: Clean the cartridge chip first with a wet tissue then dry it with a dry tissue, if it still doesn't work, then replace the black cartridge.

How to Overcome Canon MG2500 Printer Error Codes

Error code: blink 2 and error code 1000
Cause: There was no paper in the rear tray
Solution: Put paper and press the reset button

Error code: blink 3 and error code 1203
Cause: The cover was opened while printing was in progress
Solution: Please close the printer cover

Error code: blink 3 and error code 1300
Cause: Paper was jammed in the output slot
Solution: Turn off the printer first, pull the jammed paper, turn it back on

Error code: blink 4 and error code 1687, 1401,1403,1485
Cause: The cartridge is not installed properly
Solution: Turn off the printer, remove the cathrite and plug it back in properly, if it still looks like this, try to press the reset button for about 5 seconds

Error code: blink 8 and error code 1700,1701
Cause: The ink absorber is almost full
The fix: Do a reset with the canon resetter software

Error code: blink 9 and error code 11890
Cause: The adhesive tape on the seat protector has not been removed
Solution: Remove the protective solution

Error code: blink 13 and error code 1686
Cause: The ink is running out
The fix: Please refill your printer ink

Error code: blink 14 and error code 1684
Cause: The cartridge cannot be recognized
The fix: Try pressing the reset button for about 5 seconds, if that fails, please replace it with a cartridge that is compatible with Canon MG2500

After knowing the cause and how to deal with damage to the printer, you should first read and understand how to care for the printer so that it is durable and lasts a long time. The use of a printer that does not pay attention to how to use it will result in the printer being damaged quickly and not durable.
The printer requires maintenance that is not that complicated, it's just that if this is not done it can make the printer error or damaged.

Don't print a lot in a marathon. The meaning is, try not to print hundreds of copies at once. For example, you will print 100 sheets, then it is better to divide it into 4 prints. 25 sheets once printed. This is to reduce overtime printer work.

Do not print color continuously. This is intended to prevent catride from breaking down quickly.
Never be late to refill ink. If the printer has an IV tube installed, try to keep the tube filled with ink. Don't let anyone get in the air. This is intended so that the catride remains filled with ink and the printout does not fade / fade.

Close the paper tray after printing or the printer will be left alone. the goal is to prevent dirt or other items from accidentally getting into the printer.

Perform printing at least 1 week 2 times to keep the printer normal.

Turn off the printer and unplug the cable when it will be left in a few days so that there is no electrical short circuit.

Do not let the printer fall from a high place. Use a printer cardboard box when going to a place that is farther away. If you have used an IV tube, close the shutoff valves on the tube.
Avoid placing the printer near water to avoid splashes or spills.

Do not touch the cartridge chip by hand, because this can make the cartridge error or illegible on the computer / laptop

If the print results are abnormal, do a head clean in the printer program. Or if the print results are not straight, please use the method of overcoming the misaligned print to solve it.

How to Reset Printer iP 2770 or iP2700 or what is often called ABSOURBER

----------> DOWNLOAD RESERTER IP2770 ---------
Steps to enter into Service Mode iP2770:
1. Turn off the printer first then leave the power cable still attached to the electricity.
2.Press and hold the RESUME button, (Don't Release)
3. Then press and hold the POWER button until the green light flashes (when pressing the POWER button, & # 8230; the RESUME button don't release it yet)
4. Then release the RESUME button, but don't let go of the POWER button.
5. While the POWER button is still depressed, press the RESUME button 5 times. The led will turn on alternately green orange with the last flame orange. (don't be mistaken for 4x because the printer will shut down completely, but it's temporary too) The purpose of temporarily turning off if you press the 4x button is for approximately 30 minutes the printer condition cannot be done, unplug all connected cables and after 30 minutes the printer can revived.
6. Release both buttons at the same time.
7.Led will blink briefly then will turn GREEN.
8. The computer will detect the new device, just ignore it ...
9. This situation shows the iP2770 printer is in SERVICE MODE and ready to be reset.
Then run the Resetter iP2770 v1074:

------------> Download the Resseter ip2770 software first ------------
1. Extract the iP2770 Resetter File.
2. Prepare 2 papers in the printer (this is to print during the reset process).
3. Run the iP2770 Resetter program
4. Click PLAY, the printer will proceed, then iP2770 will print one page with the words D = 000.0
5. Click EEPROM Clear
6. Then click EEPROM, and the printer will print the results of Resetter iP2770. One of the lines reads as follows: TPAGE (TTL = 00000)
7. Turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button.

Tips on How to Reset a Canon MP258 Printer Again, a Canon printer that can't be used, usually a Canon printer with signs like the one below, just reset. Here's how:

When the Mp285 printer is turned on, it will show error P07 on the LCD panel. How to Reset a Canon MP258 Printer
1. The printer is in power off and the power cord is plugged in.
2. Press the STOP / RESEARCH button and hold then press the POWER button and hold.
3. The power button is still pressed off the power button STOP / RESEARCH then press the STOP / RESEARCH button 2x while the power button is still pressed.
3. Release the two buttons at the same time.
5. The printer will process a few moments (a little longer) then the LCD panel shows the number {0}.
6. The computer will detect NEW DEVICE, just ignore it.
7. This situation shows the MP285 printer is in SERVIS MODE and is ready for research.


1. extract the MP285 resetter file.
2. Prepare five sheets of paper on this printer to print during the reset process.
3. Run the MP258 resetter program.
4. Click MAIN, the printer will process then MP258 will print one page with the words D = 000.0
5. Click EEPROM celer
6. Then click eeprom and the printer will print the results of the MP285 resetter, one of the lines of writing as follows; TPAGE {TTL = 00000 COPY = 00000}
7. Turn off the printer by pressing the power button for a moment then press the printer power button ready for use again. 

At this point, if everything goes well, the printer will have been reset and returned to normal.
If you already understand some of the error codes above, you can more easily repair Canon printers in case of damage.

If you have followed the easy way to solve and fix the Canon MG2500, IP2770, MP285 and MP287 printer error codes, you still can't, please consult the nearest printer service.
That's all for the first article from us, hope it's useful.

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