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Chunghop RM 139ES TV Remote The first setting method

How to set up RM 139ES Chunghop TV remote

Chunghop RM 139ES TV remote replacement unit if the TV remote is damaged.

Chunghop RM 139ES remote can be used for various TV models.

Of course TVs on the market, such as replacing LG TV remotes, Samsung TVs, Panasonic TVs, Sony TVs, Hitachi TVs, Philips TVs, Sharp TVs, Sanyo TVs, Toshiba TVs and several TV products from such as the Changhong TV brand, Chimei TV, Haier, Hisense TV, Konka TV, TCL TV and various other brands of Dell TV, Goldstar TV

And can be used for remote TV replacement that we know such as TV Polytron and TV Sanken.

The price of Remote Chunghop RM 139ES is relatively cheap. Marketed only around 30 thousand.

Although internet technology is widely used, TV broadcasting is still needed for public information facilities.

Which sucks when our TV remote starts to break. Started some buttons not working.
Followed by the number buttons, which one by one died.

Finally we have to press the button on broadcast 2 and go back to the broadcast on button 1. Because button 1 is no longer working.

Until the end, there may only be a few buttons left that are still functioning properly.

Usually the button damage occurs in the numeric section. Because this place is most often pressed until finally some remote buttons are not completely functional or damaged.

To replace the same remote, it is not easy to get.

Moreover, the old model TV remote that was not produced from the factory, such as tube TV

An alternative to using a replacement TV remote control is called a TV universal remote.

So the remote can be used for various TV brands in general.

One of the cheapest models is the Chunghop RM 139ES. After we tried the remote after trying the Chunghop K 1028E Universal Remote AC remote, it previously worked on several AC brands.
Below is the Chunghop RM 139ES TV remote model

Chunghop RM 139ES TV Remote The first setting method

 Chunghop RM 139ES TV remote uses AAAA type batteries. Can use rechargeable batteries or NiMH type Recharger. Tested with Sanyo Eneloop batteries.

There is an information label on how to set Chunghop RM 139ES. If we forget how to set it, you can read the manual (this technique is explained in method 2)


How to set TV remote Chunghop RM 139ES 3 methods

There are 3 ways to first set Chunghop RM 139ES.

The first method is universal technique of various TV brands, using the 3 digit number of the TV type.
The second method is the fastest, only 10 TV brands are available.
The third way is to let the remote try to match the remote signal to the TV with the Scan system, but it takes a long time.

Below we discuss one by one for the TV remote setting Chunghop RM 139ES

First setting method for Chunghop RM 139ES TV Remote with 3 digit TV model number

By using the 3 digit number from the TV brand.

Open the information sheet on the Chunghop RM 139ES information. Look at the TV brand you are using. There is a list of TV brands, and a numerical order.

The number sequence list is then used to match the settings on the remote to work with your TV.

For example a Samsung TV uses the numbers 008, 011, 050 and so on.

For the first setting, turn on the TV to be remote with Chunghop RM 139ES
Press the SET button hold for a few seconds, the red remote light next to the button will light up.
Enter the 3 digit TV number. For example 008
Automatic remote light OFF

Try the remote to the TV, if it works, it means the settings are correct. If it does not work, the 3 digit number entered is not for your TV model.

What if the Chunghop RM 139ES remote doesn't work.
We have to go back from the first step and change the 3 digit number.
Press the SET button again, wait for the lamp to turn on.
And dial another number for example 011
And the remote light will be OFF.

Try the remote, if it works like pressing the volume button and the number of TV channels has changed.

This means that the Chunghop RM 139ES remote setting is working.

Don't forget to write down the setting number, and write it down on the remote body. Just in case if the remote is reset.

Just re-enter the TV remote number that is working properly.

This first technique is useful if your TV brand is on a given list of TV brands.

Chunghop RM 139ES TV Remote The first setting methodS
List of Chunghop RM 139ES codes can be seen on Google Photo

2nd How to set Chunghop RM 139ES TV Remote from 10 TV brands.

Chunghop RM 139ES Remote has 10 special numbers for 10 TV brands
TV brands that can use the settings with the Chunghop RM 139ES remote are
TV brands Haier, Hisense, Konka, Changhong, TCL, Skyworth, Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic. (caption on image)

This second setting is the fastest, it doesn't even require a 3 digit number in the manual like the first technique.

The way

Look at the brand of TV used, for example Samsung is number 7.

Press the SET button and 7 together and hold it for a few seconds until the remote light turns on.
And press Volume +
Press gradually, with intervals of 1-2 seconds, don't forget to press the Volume + button to watch what appears on the TV screen
When on TV finally the Volume Bar appears.
Stop pressing the Volume + button
And press SET

After trying the Chunghop RM 139ES remote, the remote can work.

3rd How to set the three RM 139ES Chunghop TV remote with Scan

This technique is a bit crunchy because it takes time.

But it's easy to remember, because it only requires 1 button, namely the SET button

The trick is to press the SET button and it will not be released.
Let the remote light flash, scan and send a signal to the TV. You This means that the TV remote is trying to match the signal to the TV based on the data in the remote.
When the TV screen appears the Volume Bar.
Immediately release the SET button.
Chunghop RM 139ES remote setting process has been completed.

The remote has successfully activated the TV volume, after removing it, the remote will lock the code in memory.

The problem is this technique takes a long time compared to methods 1 and 2.
Because the remote has to scan one by one.

Because the way to set the TV remote Chunghop RM 139ES is quite easy.
Especially if the TV you are using is entered in the main 10 numbers from the second method.

If it is not clear with the information above.

You can see step by step from the video below, with a description of when to press the button
It will be easier to understand with the RM 139ES remote setting

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