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ERROR 5100 !! on the Canon IP2770 printer

Discussing the Canon IP2770 printer, there is one problem that often arises after filling the ink (injecting) and cleaning the cartridge, this problem has 2 solutions, namely a mild solution by cleaning the cartridge and the fatal one that does not want to be detected, one of the problems is like.

ERROR 5100 on the Canon IP2770 printer
Some time ago, I found that one of the client printers, namely the Canon IP2770 printer, often had problems and finally issued an Error 5100 warning on the monitor screen, this caused the printer to not be able to print.

Various opinions are conveyed by every printer technician regarding this Error 5100 but it is not always true and correct in one way or another.

Error 5100 on the Canon Ip2770 printer is usually marked with:

  • The monitor screen displays an Error 5100 warning message.
  • Resume light and power light blinking (blinking) alternately 1 time
  • The printer is normal but cannot be used to print

Problems and possible Causes of Error 5100 due to:

  • The IV line interferes with the movement of the cartridge housing, the infusion hose is too short
  • The chip on the cartridge is dirty / inked
  • There are foreign objects into the printer printer machine

After understanding the various problems that cause printer Error 5100, what we need to do is:
Check one by one the problems that may occur as mentioned above, it is more advisable to check the cartridge first, whether the cartridge is detected or not. 

Sometimes the chip where the cartridge is connected to the printer is stained with ink so that the cartridge is unreadable and causes Error 5100 to fix it like this:

  1. The printer is off / Off (Turn off the printer)
  2. Open the printer cover then remove the two cartridges from the ip 2770 printer
  3. Clean the contact surface / chip / connector of the termina cartridge by using a cloth slightly dampened with alcohol,
  4. If not available, you can use a soft rubber eraser
  5. Replace the two cartridges
  6. Turn on the printer.
If the process is done correctly and the problem with cartridge Error 5100 has been completed, other problems that may occur can be resolved by means of:
  1. The infusion hose (modified printer) causes the movement of the cartridge house not to be free, try tidying it so that the cartridge house can run freely
  2. Check the tray for dirt or foreign objects, try to clean it.
  3. If you feel that when you do the printer there is a sound of a broken object, take it to the nearest service to reduce the risk of other parts of the printer being damaged.

 Hopefully the trick of experiencing the Error 5100 problem can help all of you who are confused about finding an explanation and solving this problem.

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