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Download Resetter Epson L3110, L3100, L3150, L3001 and how to use it

Download resetter Epson L3110 is needed when there is an error or problem with the printer which is actually quite popular for this type of printer ink. Although this type of printer can be said to be exemplary, it certainly does not rule out errors.

What is Printer Resetter?

Printer resetter can be a solution for printer problems. Its function is to free print memory on the printer itself. Reset is often used as a solution so that the printer printing process can return to normal.

To download the Epson L3110 resetter is quite easy to find on the internet. The software can be used to perform a reset. On the page below you can download the Epson L3110 resetter for free via Google Drive.

Generally, the reset process is done when the printer crashes. One of the signs is like a flashing LED light. This is because the number of printer printing has exceeded the usage limit which will cause full waste ink.

Recognize the Causes of the EPSON Printer Error

The causes of Epson printer errors can be from various things that on the printer unit the paper and ink indicators will cause the indicator light to flash either alternately or simultaneously and on the PC / notebook screen a notification usually appears one of the following errors:

1. Ink pad is at the end of its service live

2. Ink waste is full

3. Service required

4. It is time to reset the ink levels

5. It is nearly time to reset the ink levels

6. Fatal errors


Apart from software problems, printer errors are also usually caused by faulty hardware. Here are the causes that often occur:

1. Cartridge movement is blocking

Try checking the bottom of the printer and make sure there are no traces of paper jam that causes obstruction of the path for the cartridge

2. Ink Tube

Check if the ink is still there for all colors? In addition to running out of ink, a stuck or jammed ink supply can also be a serious problem.

3. Faulty Cartridge

The cartridge is the part that is most often the source of the problem. There are quite a number of causes, one of the most common is the buildup of dirt. That is why, printer owners should check this section frequently.

4. Roller

This section is the component where the printed paper comes out. Rollers are also a component where problems often occur. The cause can be due to jams, to become dirty.

5. Ink Drain Tube Section

Another part of the printer that is not less important to pay attention to is the waste ink pad, usually in the form of foam and must be replaced after a long period of use of the printer, which can also be seen on the counter on the Epson resetter application.

This part of the drain tube must be replaced regularly when the printer has been reset, which is on the side-back of the printer unit.

If you have tried to check the cause of the damage above but the error is still the same, then it is possible that the printer must be reset with the printer reset tutorial below.

Download Resetter Epson L3110, L3100, L3150, L3001

Although this type of printer is relatively new, sometimes minor or severe problems always arise. Before taking it to a repairman, you should first try the Epson L3110 resetter to solve it yourself.

Please download the free resetter Epson L3110, L3100, L3150, L3001 which already supports Windows 7-10 (32 / 64bit) at the link below:

Download Resetter Epson L3110

Make sure to also read the Epson L3110 Resetter Activation Tutorial in the download folder because this application requires activation.

How to Reset Epson L3110

After the resetter software has been downloaded, you can immediately use it. Follow the steps below for the reset process using the Epson L3110 resetter

1. First extract the resetter file that you downloaded. Extract using the WinRar or 7-Zip application. After that, please run the software.

2. If it has been installed, the Epson Adjustment Program software will appear. After that, please just click the Select button on the application menu.

How to Reset Epson L3110
3. Please select the printer series that will be reset in the Model Name column. For other parts, such as Port, just leave it on the Autoselection option. When finished, please click OK.

How to Reset Epson L3110

4. Please continue by clicking Particular Adjustment Mode. This menu is on the right side of the application.

5. After the next window appears, select it and click the "Waste ink pad counter" menu, then click OK.

6. The next step, please check the menu options "Main pad counter" and "Platen pad counter". When finished, then click Initialize at the bottom. So, the reset process will run. Please wait for the process to complete.

7. If the reset has finished processing, a dialog box will appear that says "Please Turn OFF and Turn On your printer" select OK on this option. Then, please turn off and then turn on the printer again.

How to Reset Epson L3110
8. Check the indicator light on the printer. If it's not blinking anymore, then the printer has been successfully reset and can be used again normally.

How to Reset Epson L3110 Printer Without Software

Reset Printer without software, or manual reset, can also be taken as a solution to printer errors. How to manually reset the Epson L3310 printer is relatively easy. To do this, please follow the steps or tricks below:

1. Unplug the printer power cord and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.

2. After that, please plug in or reconnect the power cable that was unplugged. Then, turn on the printer by pressing the Power button.

3. If the Epson printer turns on perfectly, please press and hold the Resume button for 5 seconds. After that, then let go.

4. Press and hold the Resume button on the printer again for 3 seconds, then release.

5. The printer will reset, please wait until the process is complete.

6. If the reset is successful or successful, the paper or ink indicator light will stop blinking.

7. To make sure how to manually reset the Epson L3110 printer is successful, please use it to print one or two documents.

Solution If the Printer Reset Process Failed

If you have downloaded the Epson L3110 resetter, and when using it it still fails, you can do the following steps:

1. Check the printer cartridge. Clean the part of dirt. The reason is, a dirty cartridge can be one of the causes for the printer to be an error.

2. Check the printer roller side. Make sure there are no foreign objects or paper inside.

3. Unplug the power cord for 3 minutes before you do the reset process.

4. Check and clean the dirty tape sensor and US sensor

5. Check the possibility of a broken flexible cable from the mainboard to the scanner, but this damage must be to the printer technician because they have to disassemble the unit and it can void the printer warranty.


Printer resetter is a solution to solve printer problems. You can use the two reset methods above to try to fix the problem yourself. Also pay attention to several other components that are prone to problems so that the printer can return to running normally.

Hopefully the information on downloading the Epson L3110 resetter and how to use it in this article can help your printer problem before taking it to a repairman. 

Good luck..!


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