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Download Resetter and How to Reset Canon MP287 Printer

This time, Fixhoow will share to download the Canon MP287 resetter as well as a tutorial on how to reset the printer where an error 5B00 / printer error has occurred.

In addition to the MP287 printer, the method below can also be used to reset the Canon MP237 printer.
The cause of printer errors that appear like this is usually due to the counter print that has exceeded the maintenance limit and as an indicator that the waste ink pad is almost full so it must be replaced immediately.

Download Resetter and How to Reset Canon MP287 Printer
The characteristic of printer error that must be shifted is that the printer does not want to print with an error 5B00 on the computer / laptop while the printer unit is marked by a blinking orange indicator followed by code P07 on the printer LED display as shown above.

The cause of the Canon MP287 printer blinking error is usually because the waste ink pad counter has exceeded the maintenance limit.

Download Resetter Canon MP287

First of all, download the Canon MP287 Tool v3400 Resetter application first, no need to worry because this reset software does not require a serial number, aka free download:

Download Resetter Canon MP287

How to Reset Canon MP287 Printer

To be able to fix a canon printer whose error cannot print, there are 2 steps that must be done, namely:

1. Enter Canon Printer Reset Mode

In order for the printer to enter service mode, there are steps that must be taken in the form of pressing a certain key combination, the following steps can be followed:

  • Turn the printer off but the plug is still connected to a power source and the printer's USB cable is connected to the computer / laptop
  • Press and hold the STOP / RESET button press the POWER button
  • With the power button still being held, release the reset button
Download Resetter and How to Reset Canon MP287 Printer
  • Keep holding the POWER button still in the ON position then press the reset button 6 times followed by the blinking of one of the LED indicators
  • If you have pressed the RESET button 6 times, release the two buttons that were pressed simultaneously.
  • The characteristic of entering reset mode is that the laptop / PC will display a notification such as reinstalling the Canon MP287 driver
Download Resetter and How to Reset Canon MP287 Printer

2. Reset with the Resetter application

Before continuing to do the reset process with the Canon MP287 Resetter application, first prepare 2 sheets of paper and insert it in the printer tray because during the reset process, the printer will print.

  • 1. Download the resetter application from the link previously mentioned above, right click then extract, the ServiceTool_Canon_MP287.exe file will appear
  • 2. Right click on the file and select Run As Administrator
  • 3. After the application opens, on the Clear Absorber Counter press the SET button as below
Reset with the Resetter application 
  • 4. The printer will print 1 sheet with the page as below and the application will display A Function was finished
  • 5. Then in the Ink Absorber Counter section, press SET until the A Function was finished notification appears
  • 6. Done, turn off the printer and then turn it on again. If the reset process is successful, the LED indicator on the printer will show the number 1 as below
Reset with the Resetter application canon mp287

This is the tutorial on Canon MP287 printer service using the Canon MP287 resetter software.

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