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Download Resetter Canon IP2770 and How to Reset 100% Successfully

The tutorial to download resetter Canon IP2770 and how to reset below will be very useful for those who happen to be having a problem with their Canon printer unit, in addition to the IP2770 series how to fix the printer error below can also be used on the IP2700 series.

Download Resetter Canon IP2770 and How to Reset 100% Successfully
The Canon IP2770 color printer can be called a million people printer because of the many users, the reason is because of the relatively affordable price and the ink that lasts because it can be modified into an infusion system so that it becomes more efficient.

But sometimes this printer sometimes has an ink absorber error alost full error 520, or error 5B00; which on the printer is marked by flashing POWER and RESUME indicators, no need to worry because the printer is not actually damaged and only needs to be reset the counter. The following is the complete tutorial below:

Download Resetter Canon IP2770

There are 3 stages of repairing Canon printer service blinking errors, first download the Canon IP2770 resetter application first. The following below is a free download link resetter canon ip2770 full version:

Download Resetter Canon IP2770 v3400

Canon ip2770 v3400 Resetter software can also be used for the IP2700 printer type and can run on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Enter Canon Printer Service Mode

In order for the printer to be reset, the printer must be in service mode and to enter this mode there is a trick, the following can be followed by the procedure below:

Download Resetter Canon IP2770 and How to Reset 100% Successfully
1. Turn off the printer with the POWER button

2. With the printer turned off, press the RESUME button for about 2 seconds

3. With the RESUME button pressed, press the power button and don't let it go until the green indicator light turns on

4. Release the RESUME button, keep the POWER button pressed, then press the RESUME button 5 TIMES

5. Release all the pressed buttons, the indicator light will flash alternately, leave it until the light only turns green.

6. The printer has entered SERVICE MODE, continue with the software reset on the PC

Reset Process with Canon Printer Resetter Application

The steps below are done if the printer is in SERVICE MODE:

1. Extract the file that was downloaded earlier with the password that was informed above

2. Open the application and make sure right click select; Run as administrator;

3. Prepare 2 sheets of paper on the Canon printer tray to print the EEPROM reset results
4. In the canon resetter application in the section: Ink absorber counter; select; MAIN;

5. then click on the EEPROM button, then the reset process will begin, which is indicated by the printer that will print

6. The reset process is complete, turn off the printer and then turn it back on again, the printer should be working normally again.

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