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8 Ways To Organize A Small Kitchen That Looks Spacious And Luxurious

Being able to do how to organize a simple narrow kitchen will definitely make kitchen owners feel very happy. Especially because small kitchens usually look boring and uncomfortable to cook. Meanwhile, when you are in the kitchen, you have to do a variety of fast cooking movements. All kitchen utensils also need a special room to keep them clean.

It is very important that the kitchen interior is in harmony with its function. The form of a small kitchen is usually made elongated to give the impression of being spacious and comfortable. But even though it has been made in an elongated shape, it must be arranged properly. Here is how to organize a small, elongated kitchen that looks spacious and luxurious.

8 Ways To Organize A Small Kitchen That Looks Spacious And Luxurious

8 Ways To Organize A Small Kitchen That Looks Spacious And Luxurious

1. Take advantage of the lower and upper storage space

If you have a small kitchen with an elongated shape then make sure you have a kitchen set at the top and a kitchen drawer at the bottom. Do not choose to arrange a small kitchen without a kitchen set because it will make the kitchen look untidy. All kitchen equipment must be neatly arranged in the kitchen set. Separate daily kitchen utensils and those that are rarely used, so that you are easy to use or when looking for them. This kitchen model will look very neat because at the top you only see the cooking utensils and the sink.

2. The table and cabinet are sparkling

One way to organize kitchen utensils is to use a kitchen set and cabinet. Including for the type of kitchen that is sized elongated. It's just that in addition to including all kitchen utensils in the cabinet, you can try to apply the selection of kitchen materials. Try to use shiny countertops and sinks. Then the materials for the cabinet and kitchen set must also be made sparkling with a special coating. Its function is that the shine of this tool will emit light and give a more comfortable impression. If there are several utensils placed on the kitchen table, choose simple and frequently used ones, such as knives, spoons, forks and other tools.

3. Wooden shelves for top storage

Storage area is very important for a kitchen model that is formed lengthwise. Do not let you store various kitchen utensils with the usual model because it will look messy. But if you don't want to use a kitchen set, then you can use a wooden storage rack. Choose a strong wood such as teak. Then install in layers on the top of the kitchen table. You can have the number of wooden shelves as needed, but make sure the arrangement of wooden shelves is the same size so that it looks attractive. You can arrange plates, glasses, cups and kitchen utensils on this shelf. Don't forget to play with the kitchen interior colors so that they are more memorable.

4. Take advantage of wooden hangers and shelves

Having a small, elongated kitchen can be a huge challenge. Basically you have to be smart to make use of all the space for storage. However, the room must be designed properly so that it does not have a bad impact on the interior of the kitchen. In addition, do not let things pile up in the kitchen to make it easier to maintain the kitchen. The trick is to place a wooden shelf for glass and glass bottles for storing spices or cooking spices. Then on the side attach the hanger from the iron panel. So you can still display pots and other cooking utensils even though the kitchen is narrow.

5. Install multi-functional kitchen cabinets

Of course, the elongated form of the kitchen must be used intelligently. Many people have a kitchen model like this in a simple minimalist home. The key is to place the storage cabinet near the door. Storage cabinets can be selected from the same material as the kitchen set. It is very important if you can choose a wardrobe from materials that are resistant to termites and heat. Because a small kitchen must be hotter than a normal kitchen. So even with a small kitchen, you can put all the kitchen utensils in a kitchen cupboard. If there is still space then equip it with a kitchen set.

6. The concept of a wall shelf without a kitchen set

The elongated shape of the kitchen can also be tricked by using a wall shelf instead of a kitchen set. The idea is that the kitchen set is equipped with a divider that can make the upper space look narrower. So you can install an elongated wall shelf with two or three stacks as needed. Use a shelf to place various kitchen utensils that are often used. Add it with decorations such as miniature food items or synthetic flowers. Install the top lamp that leads to the wall shelf so that at night it looks more beautiful.

7. Complete with multi-storey cabinet

A cabinet or multi-storey kitchen set can be a very interesting solution for an elongated and narrow kitchen. You can store all kitchen utensils in the cabinet while at the top of the kitchen table there are only minimalistic fixtures. Then in the lower cabinet it is used only

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