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100% successful! 5 Steps to Setting Universal Remote Ac

In this dry season, in Indonesia it is very hot, some big cities like Jakarta, for example, will definitely need air conditioning.

With its use which really helps cool a hot room, AC is very favorite to use in offices and even at home.

Well, if you want to install a new air conditioner, of course you have to set the remote ac first for maximum use.

How to? let's see.

Easy Ways to Setting Universal AC Remote

The easiest universal ac remote setting we recommend using an ac remote with the Chunghop K 1028E brand.

The AC remote from the Chunghop K1028E brand is suitable for several AC brands, if your standard default remote is damaged, you can use this brand, but provided that only a few brands can.

1. First, find the AC setting code for each brand first, such as for the Sharp AC brand you can use the code number 720-739.

Or, for example, your Ac is a Changhong brand, you can enter the code number 059- 079. Of course it must be correct, because each brand of ac can also be different. For more details, below, there is a complete AC remote code that you can use.

2. If you have found the Ac code, you just need to press the Set button on the remote Chunghop K1028e, press for about 3-5 seconds.

Anyway, until the indicator light on the remote AC appears a sign (-), now that means the remote ac code is still empty.

3. The next step if the remote really does not have a code entered, you must enter the ac code number according to the brand you have.

For example, for example, your Ac is a Polytron brand, a number that must be entered into the remote AC, for example 420-439.

4. Please try the Ac number code one by one, if there is one of the Ac number codes that don't work or don't respond.

You have to give a sign on the number code so that you don't press it again later.

5. Do not forget if you are trying some remote AC number codes, you must point it at the AC that is already ON.

So, what is the sign if the remote AC number code we are trying to do is successful? Usually later the AC will respond and the AC blower will sound.

If it sounds, it means that your ac remote settings are correct and correct.

6. The final step is that you have to press the OK button, it functions to save the AC number code that was set correctly.

For the trial set again, you can turn it on and then turn it off again, the AC, if it doesn't turn on again. Can try some other ac number codes.

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