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How to Reset Samsung, LG, Electrolux, and Polytron Washing Machines

How to reset a washing machine is arguably very easy if you know how. Usually this is done if the washing machine experiences an error code.

Or, does the machine just emit an unusual "beep" when the Power or Start button is pressed? Or maybe, the machine won't operate when the buttons are pressed? It indicates that your washing machine needs to be reset (reset). How to reset Samsung, Electrolux, Sharp, and Polytron washing machines is actually quite easy. We only need to press a few key combinations.

However, before you reset the washing machine, make sure that the Samsung washing machine error code or other brands that appear are actually triggered by a malfunction in the circuit or module, not due to external factors.

Some examples of external factors that can cause error codes on a washing machine include:

Overloaded. Overloading the washing machine drum can cause the washing machine to stop.
Make sure the electricity voltage at home is stable. The washing machine requires a stable and sufficient supply of electricity. Using an extension cord can reduce the power supply. Therefore, make sure the washing machine is close enough to the socket.

Water filter clogged. Error in the washing machine can also be caused by the water filter clogged with dirt so that the water does not flow smoothly. In addition, automatic washing machines usually require a certain water pressure. LG washing machines, for example, require water pressure between 14.5 and 116 PSI to operate properly.

Washer tilt level. The washing machine must be placed on a flat surface. If it is placed on a surface that is too inclined, the washing machine will not operate.

How to Reset a Samsung Washing Machine

For top loading automatic 1 tube Samsung washing machines or commonly known as Samsung Diamond Drum washing machines such as WA70H4000SG, WA8H4000SW, WA75H4200SG and the like, can be reset by pressing the button:

1. Rinse + Spin + Power

2. First press the "Rinse + Spin" button simultaneously and hold it down

3. Then press the "Power" button while still holding the pressure on the "Rinse + Spin."

4. After that, press the "Start." Wait for a moment. Then press the "Power." Or, you can also leave the washing machine to turn itself off without pressing the "Power" button.

How to Reset Sharp Top Loading Washing Machine

Resetting multiple Sharp washing machines can be done by pressing a key combination:

Power (on / off) + Process + Start / Pause + Water Level

If the Sharp washer is stuck, buzzing, water won't stop running, the dryer is stuck, or is having other problems. You can read our article that discusses specifically about some of the causes of the Sharp washing machine stuck and how to solve them.

How to Reset LG Washing Machine

The LG washing machine has not been spared either. Occasionally, LG brand washing machines generate certain error codes. To find out the cause of this error code, you can read our article that discusses specifically what the LG washing machine error code means and how to solve it.

1. Turn off the machine and remove the plug from the circuit breaker socket

2. With the power off, press and hold the "Start / Pause" button for about 5 seconds

3. Plug the washing machine back in and turn it on

If your LG washing machine doesn't have a Reset button, you can try unplugging the washing machine from the socket then plug it back in. This method can be tried to reset an LG washing machine that is not programmed with the reset function.

Other ways to reset LG washing machines are:

1. Unplug the washing machine and let it sit for a few minutes
2. Open the washing machine door, then manually turn the drum to 360 °

That's how to reset Samsung, LG, and Sharp washing machines that you can try to restore settings to factory settings.

If some of these methods don't work, don't hesitate to contact the call center. Or, you can also contact the nearest washing machine repairman to deal with your machine problem.

For those of you who own washing machines from other brands such as Electrolux, Panasonic, to Polytron, so far we have not provided information on how to reset Electrolux, Panasonic and Polytron washing machines.

Therefore, we recommend that you contact the nearest call center or professional (washing machine service) if your machine has a problem.

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