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List of 15 Error Codes on Samsung Washing Machines and Their Solutions

In practice, using a washing machine is not as easy as imagined. You need to know how to use it properly and also measure the amount of water or detergent.

In addition, you also need to estimate the washing time, position the hose so that it is not clogged so that the washing results are more optimal. For those of you who are using a Samsung washing machine for the first time, here is a list of error codes that you need to know.

15 Error Codes on Samsung Washing Machines and Their Solutions

Error Codes on Samsung Washing Machines and Their Solutions

1. 5E (Drain Error), an indicator of a disturbance in the drain

Clean the drain filter regularly and make sure there are no clogged dirt. Also make sure the hose is properly attached.

2. UE (Unbalance Error), an indicator of disturbances in the stability of the washing machine

There are several possible problems that occur with the washing machine, it looks like your washing machine is not standing stable. If the position is not problematic, there could also be lumpy laundry. If so, first stop the washing process, take the laundry out of the machine, then put it back one by one.

3. SUD (Foaming Detected), an indicator of disturbance caused by soap foam

There is a lot of soap foam in the washing machine, here. If this error code appears, take it easy. Usually, the machine will work on its own to reduce the lather until it becomes normal again.

4. UC (Power Error), a disturbance in the washing machine power system

This means that the voltage is unstable, so the washing process is automatically postponed. Why is it delayed? If you continue, the washing machine will break down quickly.

5. 4C is an indicator of unavailability of water supply

You can fix this by opening the water tap and making sure it doesn't freeze. In addition, you need to keep the water hoses from clogging and ensure that the washing machine has sufficient water pressure.

6. 4E (Water Supply Error), disturbance of the incoming water flow

The best solution to this problem is to always open the water tap and make sure the running water has a pressure of around 50-800 Kpa.

7. LC / LC1 indicator for disruption caused to the drain hose

If this code appears, all you need to do is make sure the end of the drain hose is on the floor so that the flow isn't obstructed.

8. LE / LE1 (Water Leakage Error), leak indicator

There are three things that cause this error code to appear. It could be due to too much detergent foam, water leakage in the drain hose, or loose filter cover on the drain pump.

9. OE / OF (Overflow Error), a disturbance caused by too much water flow

This indicator indicates that there is a defect in the water level detector. If this happens, the water supply works continuously.

10. HC, interference or damage to Heater Control

This indicator will show that there is an increase in temperature on one of the motor controls on the washing machine. To fix this, you can clean the filter or condenser container, huh.

11. UB, the spinning motor indicator does not work

For those of you who have a Samsung washing machine, have you ever received this code? Okay spinning doesn't work because your laundry is not evenly distributed. It is also possible that our washing machine is not on a flat surface.

12. DE (Door Error), a disturbance indicator on the washing machine door

This code will appear if your Samsung washing machine door is not tightly closed. Make sure the washing machine door is tightly closed so that the washing machine can return to optimal functioning.

13. 4C2, this error code is also related to water supply,

To fix this, connect the cold water supply hose to the tap. If it is connected to a hot water tap, later your laundry can change the cycle.

14. 5C, this indicates the disturbance caused by the water not drying out

This problem can be solved by cleaning the debris filter which is capable of contributing to the drain hose. Then, make sure the drain hose is in the correct position, even aligning it to the exhaust system.

15. DC, caused the dryer to be operated with the door open

For those of you whose Samsung washing machine has a dryer, this is worth paying attention to, huh. You must always close the door properly and make sure that no laundry or clothes are caught in the door.

That's a list of 15 error codes on Samsung washing machines and their solutions. If you already know the problem with the washing machine from the start, you can minimize the possibility of serious damage that even a technician needs to deal with.

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