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Maximum Cool, This Is How To Set Up AC Remote

How do I set the AC remote to make it cooler? Of course, every cooling machine user wants the air conditioner to be cold all day long. That way, the level of comfort while resting or activities in the room can be maximally fulfilled.

You can imagine if we are in a room all day, the air conditioner is there but it is not so cold, of course sweat will pour out and of course this is very disturbing right?

Then why can't the air conditioner cool optimally? Of course, to answer such questions, further examination of the air conditioner is needed. The reason is, there are many factors that affect the air conditioner is not cold enough. One factor that often occurs is because the air conditioner is dirty.
If you find that you have been cleaning consistently but still not working, there may be something wrong with your air conditioner.

I have also written a guide on how to fix the AC not cold in my other post. But keep in mind, to follow these guidelines at least you must have expertise in the field of air conditioning and electricity.
Why is that? Because there is a concern that if you do not master this field, there will be even more fatal damage. So, if you still have doubts in you, you should ask for help from an experienced technician. However, if you just want to know, please read and understand it.

Returning to the topic of this article, which is how to set the remote AC to make it cooler. The tips that I want to convey are actually quite simple, but if you can apply them correctly, the impact will be extraordinary. Among them, the air conditioner becomes cooler and can last longer.

Maybe if all this time you feel the air conditioner in your place is not that cold there is something wrong with the remote setting. Therefore, please follow some tips on how to set the correct remote AC below.

How To Set Up AC Remote To Be Cool To Maximum

How To Set Up AC Remote To Be Cool To Maximum

Make sure that the Remote Mode is set to the position of the asterisk (*) or Cool

The first thing that must be considered when you want to adjust the AC remote control is to make sure that the mode setting is in the position of the mark (*) or cool. Because if you use this mode incorrectly, of course, the air conditioner cannot cool down.

For example, if you choose fan mode, only the indoor fan works while the compressor engine does not. As a result, the air conditioner feels like an ordinary fan and doesn't blow cold at all.

Not a few users don't know this, and end up stuck in fan mode. Therefore, from now on, try to look at your remote AC display whether it is correct or not.

Temperature Settings on the Remote at a temperature of 16ºc - 18ºc For Maximum Cold

Using temperatures in the 16ºc to 18ºc range makes the compressor engine stundby in the not too distant future. This means, if the temperature in the room has become 16ºc then the compressor engine will shut down, and will turn back on when the temperature has started to rise.

Of course, by adjusting the temperature like that, the cool level in the room will be consistent and always cool. Meanwhile, what regulates when the compressor engine will be stund by and when it will work again is the thermistor. This tool is in charge of adjusting the room temperature to suit the user's taste.

Setting Fan Rotation to Full Setting

By adjusting the RPM of the fan to the maximum position, the cold air will quickly spread to the walls of the room. Because, the working principle of the air conditioner is to first cool the walls of the room, then to the floor, then feel it to the user's body.

Unfortunately not everyone likes this setting, because the wind blowing directly on the user's body is also not good for health. Especially if you are prone to frequent colds when exposed to cold air conditioning.

To deal with this problem, we can use a trick, namely by installing AC water. What is it, it is a tool that functions to prevent the air conditioning from blowing directly into the user's body.

Use a Swing Setting That Keeps Moving

That is, in indoor AC, there must be leaves that can open and close when the AC is turned on and off. Now, please adjust it so that the leaf continues to move down and up. How to set it up is quite easy, namely by using the AC remote control itself.

On the AC remote, please press the Swing button or on certain remotes it also says a speed switch. Then you squeeze your search until the swing leaf option continues to move up and down slowly. If you have found it, then leave it in the preferred position.

Actually this is also to support the settings in point 2 earlier, namely so that the air conditioning wind can be evenly distributed faster throughout the room. That way, surely the cold will be more durable and can be maximized consistently.

Well, those are some ways to adjust the AC remote so that it can be cooler, which of course must be supported by constant AC conditions

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