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7 Ways to Overcome The Noise in the Refrigerator, Understand the Cause!

Noise in the refrigerator is caused by many things, including loose bolts, unstable electrical voltage, broken compressors, broken fans, pipes squeezed together and so on.

This problem is not only experienced by aged refrigerators, but can also occur in new products. If this is allowed, the unfriendly sound will certainly feel annoying. Especially if it happens at night before the break, and the atmosphere is really quiet.

How to cope with noise in the refrigerator, it does not have to be done by professional technicians. If the damage is minor, you can fix it yourself.

When the refrigerator is buzzing or other noise, it occurs on the unit that is still warranty. It is highly recommended to contact the store where the refrigerator was purchased. Here's where it's important, choosing the best and trusted electronics store.

Do not underestimate the problems that occur in your refrigerator. This can potentially cause more severe problems, so the cost of service can also be higher.

In addition to knowing how to take care of the refrigerator to last, you must also know the cause of the refrigerator quickly damaged. Both discussions, we discussed in the previous post.

7 Ways to Overcome The Noise in the Refrigerator

How to Overcome The Noise in the Refrigerator

In solving a problem, we must first know the root of the problem. The following, the solution copes with the sound of brisik in the refrigerator, according to the cause:

1. Loose Bolts

Loose compressor bolts are one of the causes of the noise on the back of the refrigerator.

How to solve this problem is fairly easiest. All you have to do is tighten every loose bolt, then the sound of the brisik will disappear.

2. Unstable Electrical Voltage

Electricity is one of the most important things, in the work of an electronic system. One of the things to note is the stability of the current.

Unstable electric current, one of which can cause the compressor to emit noise continuously.
If that happens, you should immediately use a stabilizer. This is the best tool to stabilize the electric current, so that the noise of the refrigerator can be lost immediately.

3. Broken Compressor

The cause of the noise in the next refrigerator, due to the compressor that does not work properly. If this component is damaged, it can produce a variety of sounds in the refrigerator. From the refrigerator buzzing, to loud and noisy noises that are very annoying.

The compressor itself is the most important component, in the process of changing the energy in the refrigerator, from electrical energy to producing cold temperatures.

Signs of broken compressors are easily identified, of course by checking the temperature inside the refrigerator. If the temperature is no longer cold, or the freezer is no longer able to freeze water, then you should immediately check the compressor.

Compressor damage, can also be characterized by a loud buzzing refrigerator, or the appearance of a noisy squeak. In addition to unstable voltage, the buzzing sound can also be caused by an electrical voltage that is too low.

How to deal with a buzzing refrigerator, or other noise due to compressor problems, it is recommended to first identify the problem more specifically.

If he's old enough, and he's getting weak. For example, because the piston ring is worn, due to a lack of lubricant. The best step, is to replace it with a new one.

You can buy compressors at the nearest electronics store, or buy them online.

4. Broken Fan

A broken fan or refrigerator fan can also cause noise in the refrigerator. The cause of this happens, generally due to the part of the motor that begins to wear out. As a result the fan rotation starts to heavy, thus making a squeaky sound.

To solve this, the best step is to replace the fan with a new one. Of course, this unit can also be purchased online or offline.

If the damage is only the propeller, the cost you spend will be more affordable.

The price of a fan or refrigerator fan also varies. All are determined by the fan brand, type, and completeness that it has. 

If only certain parts are damaged, of course you don't have to buy a set. Besides being able to buy the propeller only, you can also buy a fan motor only. With this, you can save more money.

In addition to damage, the fan can also cause loud noises in case of ice buildup. This is because ice flowers can block the movement of the fan blades, so the propeller cannot rotate smoothly.

It's easy to overcome this. All you have to do is clean the ice flowers, especially those around the fan.

5. Pipe Squeezed with Refrigerator Body

Although this kind of thing rarely happens. But it could be, the refrigerator in your home, the pipe is in a state of tightness with the body of the refrigerator.

If this happens, then the refrigerator can cause noise. The solution, of course, is to stretch the pipe with the cabinet wall.

6. Damaged Evaporator Fan Motor

Noise in the refrigerator, can also be caused by damage to the evaporator fan motor. This feature, usually characterized by the back wall of the freezer that feels hotter than usual.

Damage to the evaporator fan in the refrigerator, generally due to its old age, so it then worn out and damaged. There is no better solution than replacing it with a new one.

Damage can also occur to the ring / strip edge or grommet, which becomes a seat for the evaporator fan motor. In addition to wear and off, damage to these components can also be caused by looseness. As a result the fan will move on the breket, so it can cause noise.

The solution, of course, is to replace the ring ring. Especially if it is already loose or worn out.

Contact a Professional Technician 

It is quite difficult for the layman, to know the characteristics of various sounds caused by the refrigerator. Of course it is natural, because the experience of it is still minimal.

On that basis, it is recommended to use the services of a professional refrigerator technician to solve this problem.

With this, you don't have to bother anymore to guess the cause and solution.

In addition to component damage, it may indicate that the refrigerator needs to be cleaned or other steps.

Such is the discussion about 7 Ways to Overcome the Sound of Brisik in the Refrigerator, the causes and how to overcome the sound of brisik in the refrigerator. Hopefully this information is useful, do not forget to share it.

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