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10 Best Air Fryers , Food Without Oil, Healthy and Economical


10 Best Water Fryers
Don't like eating fried foods, because they contain lots of oil? Use the best air fryer brand, so food can be fried without oil and is healthier!

Now is no longer the time to fry food using oil. Apart from being troublesome, too often it is not good for health. Fortunately, for those of you who like to eat fried foods, the air fryer can be a lifesaver.

With this cooking utensil, you can fry any food without the need for oil. So you can eat less oily food and live a healthier, cholesterol-free life.

So you don't get confused in choosing, let's see the recommendations for the air fryer brand that can be your recommendation!

Best Air Fryer / Fryer without Oil Brand

1. Philips Air Fryer


Best Air Fryer

Philips Air Fryer

The Philips air fryer has rapid air technology, so that food is cooked evenly. During the cooking process, this oil-free frying pan stays cool on the outside.

So it is safe for families. In addition, it is odorless and easy to clean. As is well known, Philips has indeed been good at making furniture for the household. So, for this one, the quality is unquestionable.

2. Xiaomi Air Fryer

Xiaomi Air Fryer
Xiaomi Air Fryer

Although known as one of the largest smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi has also worked on a wide variety of smart home devices for a long time. Compared to other brands, this Xiaomi oil-free fryer also has good quality, you know Toppers.

The temperature for cooking reaches 200 degrees Celsius and you can adjust it as needed. In addition, there is a timer feature, so it's guaranteed that you won't forget it when you're cooking! The capacity is also quite large, which is about 2 liters.

3. Air Fryer Oxone

Air Fryer Oxone

The sophistication of this air fryer is that it can rotate 360 degrees, so it can produce perfectly cooked food. The container is also made of glass, you can see the food being cooked easily.

That way, you can know without fear of practically not ripe or burnt. This sophisticated tool has dimensions of 43 x 43 x 40 cm. Big enough, huh Toppers? You can add one whole chicken to be cooked at once. 

4. Air Fryer Midea

Air Fryer Midea
Air Fryer Midea

This fryer is different from other air fryers, because it can fry, steam, and roast at the same time. With the 3-dimensional air feature, it will make your food evenly cooked.

The basket capacity reaches 2.2 liters. The modern impression can also be seen from the cooking temperature setting with the touch screen, with the touch screen setting making it easier to operate.

 In addition, the handle of this frying pan is not hot, so it makes it easier for you when cooking or lifting food.

5. Maspion Air Fryer


The electric power of this tool is quite efficient compared to other air fryers, which is only 1,000 Watts. The working system relies on a fast combination of heat and air in the chamber, so food is cooked with stable heat and nutrients are not damaged.

The capacity is quite large, which is 3.2 liters. So you can fry at the same time Toppers.

6. Air Fryer Severin

the best non-oil frying pan

The advantage of this product is that all parts of the product can be removed, so it can be cleaned easily. Its capacity is up to 3 liters, so it is suitable for cooking large amounts of food at once.

In addition, this cookware features a timer and a choice of 6 automatic programs for frying chicken, meat, fish, shrimp, and other foods.

7. Air Fryer Kuche

Water Fryer Kuche

Air Fryer Kuche

This oil-free fryer can fry food evenly. The operation also seems modern and sophisticated because it uses a digital touchscreen. In addition, this tool can also be used for steaming, you know!

One of the advantages of the Kuche fryer is that it is more affordable. Even so, the quality is certainly guaranteed and the products are very reliable.

8. Air Fryer Zerofat

This tool consists of selection buttons for frying, turbo frying, and others. There is also a container for baking, frying, and a metal container. In addition, this oil-free cooking utensil can be used as an oven.

So, apart from frying food. You can also use this tool to bake cakes or bread. Practical, right?

air Fryer Zerofat
air Fryer Zerofat

9.Air Fryer Mayaka

Air Fryer Mayaka

Air Fryer Mayaka

This product has a 1000 Watt electric power. Equipped with temperature settings and a timer to make it easier for you to cook.

It's also easy to clean. For those of you who rarely cook, you don't need to worry, because this sophisticated device is equipped with a food recipe book that can be cooked by it.

10. Air Fryer Stylies

Air Fryer Stylies
Air Fryer Stylies

This frying tool can control the temperature from 80-200 degrees Celsius. The teflon is also non-sticky, so it's really easy to clean, Toppers!

The electricity consumption also saves power, so you can reduce your expenses even more. One more advantage is that the bottom part has non-slip feet, so that this tool stays in place during use.

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