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5 Causes and How to Overcome Washing Machine Electric shock, Important To Know Users!

The causes and ways of overcoming shock electric washing machines, users must understand. If left unchecked, this problem will not only endanger yourself, but also your family. Including children.

Whatever the circumstances. When our bodies get electrocuted, both high and low voltage are sure to make them uncomfortable. Worries continue to haunt you, if this is not handled immediately.
Cause Washing Machine electrocuted

Having a washing machine really helps with housework, especially in cleaning dirty clothes. Simply put the dirty clothes inside, continue by pressing the button. This tool, will wash the clothes until they dry properly.

However, as a man-made household electronic device, it certainly cannot be separated from the problem. Especially after being used for a long time, one of them is an electrocuted washing machine. If you haven't bought yet, make sure to choose the best washing machine brand.

5 Causes and How to Overcome Washing Machine Electric shock, Important To Know Users!


In the following, we explain some of the causes of electrocuted washing machines.

1. It has been used for a long time

After the washing machine has been used for more than two years, there are usually some components that experience wear. Even the body of the washing machine has started to rust.

Especially if the washing machine is placed in the bathroom. Where apart from humid temperatures, water can sometimes be splashed. This, in turn, causes the washing machine body to rust quickly and ultimately is more prone to electric shock when touched.

2. Do not Use Grounding Cables

Grounding is a technique that is quite effective, so that the washing machine does not shock. When not using grounding, or using it incorrectly, the washing machine can usually shock when touched.

For information, what is meant by grounding is an electrical installation that aims to eliminate the potential difference as a discharge of electric charge. There is also a way, namely by draining it to the ground. At my place, this technique is also known as electric grounding.

Grounding also has a function to protect an electronic device from lightning. So besides for the sake of security, it is also to protect the device from damage.

3. There is a Chipped Cable

When the yard is used, the washing machine cord may also be fragile. When that happens, it will slowly peel off, so that when it touches the body it will flow an electric current.

Chipped cables, can also be caused by external factors. For example, like being eaten by rats. If left unchecked, apart from electric shock it can also cause problems with the electrical installation of the washing machine.

4. There are Components Shorting

Short circuit, not only can cause the MCB to drop. But it can also cause components in the washing machine to experience problems. For example, it causes the dynamo motor and its capacitor to melt or catch fire.

If this happens, the washing machine cannot be used. And when the hand touches the body part, it will usually electrocute. To ascertain the cause of the washing machine electric shock, of course it must be examined carefully.

By checking it quickly, the more serious damage can be minimized. Among them the dynamo experienced a short circuit, and it even caught fire. Avoiding unwanted things, make sure you practice how to care for a washing machine, in the previous article.

5. Motor dynamo contact to the body

Dinamo is a driving device that is generally used by washing machines. If it is used for too long, the dynamo motor will become so hot that it can catch fire. This can also happen, when the dynamo is quite old.

This is also one of the causes of the washing machine overheating. Because when the dynamo burns, the dynamo motor will experience an electric short circuit, and then body contact occurs.

This is usually marked by the appearance of a scent of burnt around the dynamo. You can also use a multitester to check it. When in doubt, it's best to call a trusted technician near you, so that this problem can be resolved immediately.

How to Overcome the Washing Machine electric shock

Using flip-flops is one way to avoid the washing machine shocks. But if that happens, and you want to be able to handle it immediately. Here are things that can be done.

1. Using a Grounding Cable

One of the effective ways to deal with a shock washing machine, is the goundring technique. To make it easier, please be able to see the back of the washing machine, which you have.

On the back, you can see if the grounding connection is problematic. For users of a single tube washing machine, users can find a grounding connection without having to take it apart.

Meanwhile, for two-tube washing machine users, the body is made of non-metal so the body will not electrocute. It's just that, it can happen to the water.

If it is part of the water that shocked you, you can check it. If it is caused by grounding, it can install grounding on the electric motor. Yellow and green grounding wire, must be plugged into the ground.

Meanwhile, if the grounding cable has been installed properly, the washing machine shocks. It could be, the power plug is installed upside down. Immediately fix its position, so that the grounding will soon disappear.

How to Make Grounding in a Washing Machine

If after checking, it turns out that your washing machine is not equipped with a grounding cable. Means you have to install it immediately. Here's how:

Previously, prepare iron, copper, and cable along 50 cm. Plant the iron into the ground, the deeper it is, the better. Next, attach the cable to the end and tie it tightly. Next, attach the other end of the cable to the washing machine body bolt.

Check the gording installation again. If it is correct, usually the electric washing machine will be resolved.

2. Wrap or replace chipped cables

How to deal with an electric washing machine, which is due to a peeled cable, of course you have to overcome it, so that the electric current does not flow in the body of the washing machine.

Cut the chipped cable, then plug it back in. Use electric isloation, so that the cable fibers are completely closed. If the cable condition is not proper, replace the cable immediately.

3. Replace Damaged Components

If after checking there are components of the washing machine that are damaged, or have caught fire. Instead, replace these components immediately. Apart from being able to be reused, this is also one of prefentiv steps to prevent unwanted things from happening.

4. Troubleshoot Washing Machine electrically Contact a Technician

If there is damage to the washing machine, and you don't have enough experience, it's best to contact the nearest technician immediately.

The washing machine shocks, which then cannot be operated, it is likely that there is damage to one or more of the washing machine components.

Thus the discussion about the causes of electric washing machines, and also how to deal with electric washing machines. I hope this review is helpful. If you have questions, please use the comments column provided.

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