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How to Fix a Vertical Lines LED TV

In this article, I will share how to improve LED TVs with vertical lines, which can be colored lines or black lines on the screen.

LED TV damage like this is actually already common in many types, such as Samsung led tv vertical striped or Sony Bravia striped LCD TV, but the cause of damage is sometimes hard to find, other than the damage to the LED TV is totally dead, which is predictable damage to the power.

However, most likely the damage to the vertical line indicates the T-Con board is not working properly, there are many causes of damage due to loose flat cable connections but sometimes it can also be caused by T-Con board modules that are already damaged and need to be replaced.
the vertical striped LED TV damage
the vertical striped LED TV damage

Certainly not comfortable, right? Watching with the state of the TV screen there are vertical lines?

Here I share some of the possible damage, along with repair tips that can be done to analyze the damage to a striped LED TV before finally requiring a T-Con board replacement.

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Causes of Vertical Line Damage on the TV

When an LED or LCD TV shows damage to a vertical line, a flat cable that is not properly connected to the T-Con board can be the cause of the damage, even to check it you can try tapping on the back of the lower TV. become normal.

If this is the case then you can be sure that the damage is only to the loose cable on the T-con board circled below.
Causes of Vertical Line Damage on the TV
the cause of damage to led tv is vertical striped
LED TV Module Section
LED TV Module Section

Damage to the TV appears vertical lines like this can occur also on laptops, which is usually the initial cause is that around the laptop screen was crushed by heavy loads such as when put in a bag, pressured by books or others.

Other causes can also be due to rust that occurs on the TV frame, which is usually made of metal, this rust can spread to the flat cable connector to the T-Con, most of this LED TV rust is the cause especially if indeed the conditions around the TV, including humid.

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T-Con Board function on the TV LED

Now before proceeding to the repair stage, maybe there are fellow technicians who do not know what the function of the T-Con on the LED TV, Tcon stands for timing control, from the meaning it is already known right? the function of this module is to control the timing of image formation.

If it is assumed with a CRT TV, then this Tcon is a deflection yoke, which serves to reflect the image vertically and horizontally.

On the LED TV to bring up images, especially vertical is the task of the T-Con board. Tcon is often also called the Control Board, and the following below is a block diagram of tcon:

TCon Block Diagram

TCon Block Diagram

The following are the T-con functions on the LED TV:

  1. Control device that functions to turn on the LED / LCD panel so that it can bring up an image
  2. As a generator of pulses Timing Control that can be generated from the IC Scan Driver
  3. Multi Chanel TFT Panel power supply for supplying voltage to the source driver and gate driver amplifier circuits. 
  4. Grayscale (gamma) plant
The shape of the T-con board varies greatly depending on the brand of TV, but what is certain is that its position is always at the bottom of the LED panel.

Here are some forms of tcon from several popular brands:
TCon LED Samsung 32 Inch
TCon LED Samsung 32 Inch
TCon LED TV Samsung 50 Inch
TCon LED TV Samsung 50 Inch
TCon TV LED LG 32 Inch
TCon TV LED LG 32 Inch

Damage that often occurs in Tcon

For damage to LED vertical stripe TV screens, there are a number of common causes as stated above, namely:
  1. The cable connection from the Tcon module to the display panel is not well connected. Could be because the flat cable connector is dirty or there is indeed a form of rust or other impurities. For that check and make sure the cable connection is due to the cause of damage to 70% of the possibility of this connection.
  2. There is a missing voltage in the Tcon, if the damage is vertically striped then the possibility of a voltage that is not appropriate on the Multi Panel Power Supply TFT Panel
  3. Damage that occurs in the gamma generator can cause the image to appear blank white only
  4. Damage to the IC Scan Driver can also cause streaks on the LED TV screen

Tcon TV LED Voltage Measurement

As usual to analyze the damage, it is better to measure the voltage on the T-con board, for those of you who don't know the voltage reference for the following Tcon block, I share the voltage that must be present in this module:

  1. VGH or Von voltage, which serves to supply the pulse amplifier circuit source driver and gate driver: generally the voltage is around 25 to 30v
  2. VGL or Voff voltage: generally around minus 7 to minus 15v
  3. AVdd voltage for Gamma ic reference on tcon modules: generally the voltage is around 15 to 18v.
  4. Vdd voltage for digital circuits on tcon modules: generally 3.3v and 1.8 or 1.2v

How to Replace T-Con LED TV

If it can be ascertained damage to the T-Con board, either because of the results of the voltage measurement that is not appropriate or maybe the result of visual checking there is component damage, then repair can be continued by replacing the following T-con LED TV:
  1. Make sure the condition of the plug has been removed from the wall socket to the PLN (State Electricity Company)
  2. To be able to unplug and install the Tcon module the screen position must face down, so make sure it is given a base that does not damage the panel
  3. Before buying a replacement T-Con, first write down the type of TV, TV model and other info so that there are no mistakes in buying a tcon module. It is also a good idea to note the Tcon model number.
  4. The Tcon module is connected with an LVDS (Low-voltage differential signaling) cable and Flat cable to the panel, so you need to be extra careful when removing it

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