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10 causes of refrigerators are not cold and how to overcome

The refrigerator is not cold, it will be a barrier for you who need the use of this refrigerator. Actually what the cause of the refrigerator is not cold? Here we will be reviewing what the cause of the refrigerator is not cold anymore.

Refrigerator is a tool of household needs that is certainly familiar to the community.

Nowadays every household is mostly already have a refrigerator, and do need refrigeration tools as a basic necessity useful sekai to store groceries, so that the material is more durable.

Refrigerators have many advantages that benefit its users. In addition to storing groceries, refrigerators are also beneficial for making ice cubes.

Moreover, for those who are already married. When you need a refrigerator, you must also keep the refrigerator to stay awake and its use can last a long time.

It is a special understanding and attention to the characteristics of the refrigerator, so you know what is good to do and vice versa.

When your refrigerator is a problem because the refrigerator is not cold anymore, then you do not have to worry. Here's how you use it as a guide in case a problem occurs.
10 causes of refrigerators are not cold and how to overcome

1. Ice that closes refrigerator ice cooler holes immediately cleaned

Ice that closes refrigerator ice cooler holes immediately cleaned
Refrigerator you chill old or it's not cold anymore? The first thing you need to do is check the ice blossoms which often cover the part of the wind hole that is a role in cooling the air in the refrigerator.

If that is the case, then you should immediately clean the ice blossoms that have accumulated.

It's very easy. You just have to let the refrigerator open and put the fan in front of the refrigerator so that the wind can go directly to interact with the inside of the refrigerator.

Not using a fan also still can. Simply open the refrigerator door and the freezer part of course. Setting off to let the ice blossoms melt. It takes approximately 1 hour if the ice blossoms accumulate so much. This proved to be very effective and the refrigerator became clean of the ice flowers.

Do not forget to make the ice water liquid that is located at the bottom of the freezer. Do the absorbent using a cloth that is certainly clean and easy to absorb water.

Because water can be quickly lost and does not cause the formation of ice blossoms back in the near term.

If all is clean and the liquid is no longer there, you can turn the refrigerator back on and wait a while to get cold back. You should routinely clean the ice blossoms so that the problem is not repeated.

2. Setting at the temperature to stay maximum

 Setting at the temperature to stay maximum

The first time you buy a new refrigerator, don't forget to check the temperature control section once you have your refrigerator turned on.

Often it was found a case in someone new to the refrigerator and they complained that the refrigerator purchased was not cold. This can happen, due to lack of knowledge of the characteristics of refrigerators.

After checking, the cold temperature is low relatid operating. Surely it will make the chill is not maximal.

So all you have to do is pay attention to the temperature on the refrigerator. Doing so will prove whether your refrigerator is working properly or vice versa.

3. Food is hot, avoid the refrigerator

refrigerator not cold

For those of you who are afraid of food will be fast stale, will certainly be stored in the refrigerator. Moreover, because it will be left away with a short time.

However, the way of storing food in an improper refrigerator, will create a new problem. One of them is storing food that is still in hot conditions. It can cause the temperature in the refrigerator to decline.

To avoid any damage in the refrigerator, it is advisable to keep the hot spring, to chill for a moment in the refrigerator area. The food is left cold by air.

It will certainly make the refrigerator safe from decreasing the temperature and you don't have to worry anymore. The refrigerator will be okay and you are ready to leave the house, when the food is already cold stored in the refrigerator.

4. Equipment that produces heat, preferably kept away from the refrigerator

Equipment that produces heat, preferably kept away from the refrigerator
Equipment that produces heat, preferably kept away from the refrigerator
What are the equipments that produce heat? Surely such as gas stove, electric oven, toaster, magic com, because this will affect the ambient temperature.

When you just buy a refrigerator or move the house interior with a new ambience, you should put the refrigerator in a place that is not too close to the equipment that produces heat.

Because, the hot air around the refrigerator will greatly affect the performance of the refrigerator. So make the refrigerator less cold and not even cold anymore. For that, if it does not want it to happen, you should avoid it and also have to be more sensitive to it.

5. Check the refrigerator door condition

 Check the refrigerator door condition
The refrigerator door could be the main cause of the refrigerator is not cold anymore. This is because usually the rubber refrigerator that is in the door can not function properly.

So, automatically the door of the refrigerator is not covered well too. This Ha that triggers the refrigerator inside your house becomes not cold.

The step that should be done is to check regularly and regularly. Make sure when opening the door to put food from the refrigerator, the door is well covered.

If less tightly, the air inside the refrigerator will come out and will certainly interact with the free air which makes the cooler temperatures in the refrigerator will be decreased.

6. Check the electrical center

The condition of electrical tension needs to be noticed. Because of the less stable electrical center can cause interference with your electronic equipment.

It is in lowering the performance of the electronic equipment. Unstable electrical conditions will usually be known from the dimly lit flame on the refrigerator.

If the electrical center is not good, you should contact PLN officers to fix it. Due to the cold and absence of refrigerators can also influence from the unstable electrical power.

Our advice, you need to pay more attention to electrical conditions anyway, so that the future does not harm you.

7. Cleaning the condesor coil parts

The condesor coil is a refrigerator that has the function of the heat-disposal tool generated from the refrigerator. When you are experiencing problems as the refrigerator does not want to cool, you can of course check the condition of the condensor coil.

If it turns out that part is dirty and covered by dust, it's time to clean it with a vacuum cleaner or use a brush so that sticking can be easily lost.

You should clean the condenser coil parts at least two or more years. Meanwhile, in the condenser coil located on the back of the refrigerator with a period of approximately one year, so that the refrigerator that you have always works well in a long time period.

8. Check the part of the refrigerator which is lit continuously

Components that are located in the refrigerator, especially those that are constantly in the continuous condition need to be done regular checks and checks regularly and periodically so that the performance can work well.

To do this check, the components are required to be a AAT called Mutimeter. Components that must be carried out examination such as, for example, condenser fans, excess protective equipment, compressor, and also machine conducting motors.

If any of these components are disrupted, it will greatly affect the performance of the refrigerator without exception to the cooling part.

If you have checked not found any problems on the component, we recommend that you call the service centre.

9. Check power lines

Some peoples are generally unaware when the used plugs do not work properly. When your refrigerator is not cold, there may be a problem with the electrical plugs, you should check it first.

If you already use other plugs and the cooler works again, then the previous plugs have problems. You should immediately fix it so that your refrigerator does not have any problems for the future.

10. Contact a professional refrigerator service provider

If your refrigerator problem is not normal, then we advise you to immediately contact a professional refrigerator service provider so that the refrigerator is immediately normal and can be used for your household.

Well, we've outlined the article some cause of the refrigerator is not cold. Hopefully useful and the difficulties you are experiencing. Don't forget to always take care of your electronic belongings.

Because every electronic item needs adequate maintenance to be more durable in a long period of time.

You will also be benefited because it will not cost you more if the goods you have cared for well and regular service.

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